How to save time and money when buying a game console?

Are you looking for ways to act more sustainably? Maybe you know how to reduce waste and pollution in industries like fashion and food, but what about video games and electronics? Can gamers do something about it? Absolutely ! You can join Eneba, an environmentally friendly marketplace based on the C2C model (customer to customer) and offers not only physical products, but also digital products, saving you time and reducing waste.

As a gamer, is it possible to adopt a more sustainable behavior?

Sustainability is one of the core values ​​of Eneba, which intends to inspire and promote an ecological lifestyle among players. In addition, the vast majority of Eneba’s ecological solutions are also affordable from an economic point of view.

C2C often benefits both parties, as no intermediary is involved in the process. Maybe you remember selling or trying to buy gaming hardware: a console, video game, mouse, keyboard, or something else? What you might have overlooked is the fact that buying from different sites requires you to pay extra. With the C2C system, both parties avoid paying additional costs for additional services. Another advantage of C2C is the variety of products, ranging from the rarest and most authentic items to the newest items. So, not only can you buy PS5, but you can also buy it cheaper! If you want to sell your own gaming items, Eneba saves you time. No need to spend hours researching the best ways to approach potential customers while advertising your products.

Choose from the best consoles

Even though most consoles are second-hand from Eneba and are cheaper, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are damaged. The most popular consoles remain the PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as the Xbox Series X. As for the price, the cheapest is the PS4, while the Xbox Series X price and the price of the PS5 are about the same. . This seems logical, since the latter two show undeniable generational improvements.

But, before judging the capabilities of the consoles, take a look at the specs of your equipment, namely the capacity of your TV screen. Similar to the Xbox X series, the PS5 is said to achieve 4K HDR resolution, although it cannot yet reach that capacity to its full 8K extent, and the PS5 or Xbox X series will not be able to achieve that if your TV cannot meet basic 4K HDR standards. Therefore, the PS4 with 1080p resolution is always a good choice, even if it is lower than that of the PS5 or the Xbox Series X. Besides, the graphics processor is an essential factor in defining the technical peculiarities of the consoles. If you want a graphically fast console, the new PS5 might be a better choice than the PS4, as it is almost four times the power of its predecessor. Still, the winner here is the Xbox Series X, with a GPU 1.5 times more powerful than the PS5. The RAM of the PS4 is 8 GB, while that of the PS5 is 16 GB, which is twice as powerful to coordinate applications, games and other activities. The Xbox X has the same memory as the PS5, but due to its custom system, it can be difficult to judge which is more powerful.

However, we cannot overlook the fact that some consoles are better than others. The PS4 price is the best for your budget, the Xbox X series has the advantage with a more capable multimedia system allowing you to enjoy different visual formats, and the PS5 is arguably the most popular console because of the combination of ‘exclusives, an abundant game library (shared with the PS4) and the latest technical improvements.

It can seem complicated to determine what best suits your interests and preferences, but you have to be optimistic. Eneba offers you a wide range of consoles with various prices, technical characteristics, accessories and additional games. The most attractive offers are economically advantageous, but they also allow you to be more sustainable. Remember, you can also save money and time by purchasing digital goods rather than waiting for them to arrive and paying additional shipping costs.


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