How To Regain Health In Fortnite’s Hot Springs Chapter 4 Season 2

How To Regain Health In Fortnite’s Hot Springs Chapter 4 Season 2:

When you’re one of the last 10 or so players in a match, Fortnite may be a stressful game. Because of this, it’s important to take time to unwind. Week 2 of Chapter 4 Season 2 has a challenge that asks you to do just that, which is the reason we made this guide on how to heal in hot springs.

With the Japanese theme added to Chapter 4 Season 2 of Fortnite, a lot of the country’s architecture and culture have been shown in the game. On the island, there are things that make it unique, like bamboo forests, Kinetic Blade duelling arenas, dojos, as well as a hot spring.

About The Hot Spring In Fortnite:

The Fortnite Hot Springs are a new addition to the Battle Royale island. These natural pools surrounded by blossoming cherry blossoms are really not just there for decoration; they can also heal you.

This gives you another way to heal in Fortnite, which can be very helpful if your health is low and you don’t have any bandages or other health items on hand.

Here’s how to get your health back in a hot spring in Fortnite, whether you’re trying to finish a quest that needs one or you are simply in need of rest.

How Do I Find The Hot Springs?

When users look at the task that tells you to heal at a hot spring, you’ll see that there are four places on the map. All of the hot springs are at Steamy Springs, which is on the map near Frenzy Fields.

When you get off the battle bus after thanking the driver, aim for the Frenzy Fields in the bottom left corner of the map, and you should be able to land in the right place.

How to Get Healthy Again:

To heal in hot springs, you have to physically go to the hot springs on the Fortnite: Season 2 Chapter 4 map as well as jump in. You’ll be automatically healed by the water, so you’ll need to take some damage before you get there.

Even though there are recovery items near the hot springs, you don’t need them to finish the challenge. Just show up with some health left, jump into the water, as well as the challenge will be done.

What’s The Payoff?

You’ll get 12,000 XP towards the current Fight Pass if you finish this challenge. This was the last thing we needed to reach the next level and get a new item. The challenge is necessary to move forward with the Syndicate quests in Chapter 4 Season 2 of Fortnite.

If you finish all of this Season’s challenges from week 0 to week 2, you’ll get a new skin and a set of unique items. But if you miss even one, you won’t be able to get it. Since this is an easy battle, it’s best to finish it early so you can move on to the harder ones as they come out over the next few weeks.


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