How To Reach The Altus Plateau With The Elden Ring

How To Reach The Altus Plateau With The Elden Ring:

As you move through the Elden Ring, you need to unlock different areas. Some of these places are blocked by powerful superiors you’ll need to find, while others, like the Altus Plateau, require a little searching to find the item you need to get in.

In the Elden Ring, would you like to understand what it takes to reach Altus Plateau? FromSoftware as well as Bandai Namco made Elden Ring, an open-world RPG that is similar to Souls.

Since it came out in early 2022, it has gained a lot of fans. In single-player mode, players can uncover secret places that are hard to get to and a huge world with a lot of hard bosses.

There are several ways to get to the Altus Plateau, as well as the player decides which one to take. One method, though, is much simpler than the others.

It’s one of the harder places to get to, so it’ll take you a while to get there. To get there, you have to unlock the Great Lift of Dectus. There are other ways to get to this area. Here’s the information you require to know about the Elden Ring in order to reach the Altus Plateau.

Where To Locate The Altus Plateau Throughout Elden Ring:

Finding the 2 Dectus medallion pieces is one of the easier ways to do it. You need to find these two things, which are spread out on the map. One of the pieces will show the top of Fort Haight, which is in Limgrave’s Mist woods to the southeast.

The other part will take place at Fort Faroth, which is in Caelid’s Dragon Borrow. Between both the two, Fort Faroth is harder to explore because you’ll run into several high-level enemies and have to avoid several dragons.

After obtaining both of these keys, go back to the Great Lift of Dectus to utilize these two medallion pieces to do something with the lift. The first time you come here, a short cutscene will play.

After that, you can always use this lift to go to this area or use any of the Grace Sites to quickly move around the map once you find and unlock them.

Don’t Go To Raya Lucaria Waterwheel Otherwise Abductor virgin Kill You:

There are different ways to get to this place. For instance, the Abductor Virgin can kill you if you go to the Raya Lucaria waterwheel, which leads to the Volcano Manor inside the western portion of the Altus Plateau region. After you beat the Abductor Virgin boss, you can go anywhere in this area.


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