How to play with M1 Garand and STG44 on Warzone?

Since the launch of Warzone Season 6, some players have managed to get their hands on two Vanguard weapons, the M1 Garand and the STG44. So find out how you can use them.

While the Warzone Season 6 update brought a lot of changes to Verdansk with the destruction of Downtown as well as the stadium, two new weapons have been added to the Battle Royale.

Indeed, the STG 44 and the M1 Garand are now visible when you go to the weapon categories from the main menu.

However, these two weapons are currently blocked and therefore players cannot integrate them into their classes yet.

But very quickly, players discovered a way to use them in advance thanks to a relatively simple method.

So if you want to use the STG 44 and M1 Garand in Warzone to see how these weapons will work before their official release, then find out how to do it right away.

M1 Garand Call of Duty Vanguard
Activision / Sledgehammer Games

M1 Garand and STG44 can be unlocked on Warzone using this technique.

How to unlock STG 44 and M1 Garand in Warzone?

To quickly unlock the STG 44 and M1 Garand in Warzone, you need to follow the steps Eriv outlined below.

  1. Launch Warzone and join any game mode that features the “weapon drop” combat enhancement.
  2. You will then have to show luck in order to recover a weapon drop in the loot on the ground.
  3. Once this combat enhancement is collected, use it and claim your weapon.
  4. Now you have to cross your fingers that the game gives you the STG 44 or the M1 Garand, if it doesn’t and you are in a game mode where you can respawn, then kill yourself and go back to the game. location of the weapon drop to interact with it again.

Using the above method, you will eventually be able to get your hands on the STG 44 and M1 Garand on Warzone. It may take a while for both weapons to appear, especially since it’s randomized each time.

However, if you show persistence, you should be able to successfully try out these two Vanguard weapons before they officially integrate into Warzone.


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