how to play, win and take home the € 178m?

For this Tuesday, October 5, the EuroMillions draw features a super jackpot of 178 million euros. 178 million. Something to change your life, maybe forever (hoping for the best). Want to play this EuroMillion to try your luck? We explain how to do it.

Play EuroMillions

The EuroMillions draw is a European lottery, which means that people from each of the countries where the lottery is present have the opportunity to participate (including Switzerland). To do so, one must be 18 years of age or older and reside in these countries. In France, it is the FDJ (Française des jeux) which is responsible for regulating bets and winnings, all countries have their own organization in charge of gambling.

EuroMillions, tutorial to play tonight

There are several ways you can participate in this EuroMillions draw. If you want to keep things simple, the best thing is to go to the official FDJ website to open an account. To play, you can use the French organization’s website or mobile application (iOS and Android). Otherwise, it is also possible to go to a partner tobacconist, but this takes a little more time.

Play EuroMillions

Creating an account to participate in the EuroMillions draw does not take more than ten minutes. As soon as you have confirmed the creation of the latter from the validation email, all you have to do is go to your personal space – whether on the site or the application. You can credit your account using a credit card or a PayPal account, as the bank transfer will be too long for you to play today.

As soon as you have credited your account, you can play the EuroMillions draw by going to the category dedicated to this game on the service. In order to try your luck, you must validate a grid that has at least 5 numbers and 2 stars. These form a combination that you might win tonight if the numbers are drawn in order. Even without having the full combination, you can come away with a nice payoff.

To play the EuroMillions draw, you must validate the game grid before 8:15 p.m. This costs 2.50 euros, knowing that you can add additional numbers or options to increase your chances of victory – including the Star + option for one euro more. The amounts are clearly indicated on the FDJ website and application when you participate.

To win the EuroMillions draw, you have to find the right numbers and the right stars, which means that the combination has to be in order. As a result, there may be one or more winners today, as in every edition. To date, the record is held by a Swiss who won the exceptional sum of 220 million euros a few months ago now.

With the FDJ’s mobile application or website, you will be informed directly by email if you win a prize. This will also be displayed in your personal space, you can get it differently depending on the amount. Otherwise, the service allows you to see your bets, draws and results at a glance. In addition, you certainly do not want to risk losing the paper ticket if you win.

Another chance to win with My Million

By playing EuroMillions you also participate in My Million. As soon as your game grid is validated, you will directly receive a random code which acts as a participation. This will also be drawn on the same day. It’s another chance to come away with a great win, because this side game reveals a new millionaire in France with each draw, so you have even more chances of winning.

For the EuroMillions and My Million draw, results are announced the same day, so you don’t have to wait any longer to see if you’ve won. There are several ways to know if you have won, the easiest being to go to your personal space from the site or the mobile application at the announced time – 8:50 pm.

The questions we are asked

If you still have questions about the EuroMillions draw, you can consult your Frequently Asked Questions to get all the answers you want. If that is not enough, do not hesitate to visit the official FDJ website to discover the complete documentation about this game.

Until what time is it possible to participate in the draw?

On the FDJ website or application, participations are taken into account until 8:15 p.m. the same day – this is also one of the other advantages offered by the organization’s online service.

When are the results of the game announced?

The results of the EuroMillions draw are announced the same day at 9.15 p.m. Just before these, the results of the My Million side game are revealed around 8:50 p.m. You can follow the announcements on the site or the mobile application provided you have an account, knowing that they are also broadcast on the TF1 television channel. Otherwise, you can find them in the Official Journal the next day.

What is the EuroMillions draw jackpot today?

The sum involved with this EuroMillions draw is 178 million euros. This is one of the highest amounts in this famous game, the limit being set at 220 million euros. As no one came away a winner in the last draws, the pot has climbed gradually to rise to such a level. This will still be the case if no one finds the right combination of numbers and stars.

How to participate in My Million?

You have certainly already understood it, you have nothing more than to play the EuroMillions draw for your participation in My Million to be taken into account. The number generated automatically after you have validated your game grid is used. of ticket. As a millionaire is drawn in each edition of the game, you have an additional chance to come away with a profit.

To participate in the EuroMillions draw, it’s here:

Play EuroMillions


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