How to Pick the Perfect Email Verification Service for Your Business

How to Pick the Perfect Email Verification Service for Your Business

Email verification is becoming the go-to service for marketers who made email the core of their strategy. Its ability to detect risky addresses that ended up on your list is essential to your email deliverability. With the number of email verification services increasing on the market, picking the right one can be a challenge. What’s the accuracy you should aim for? What’s the fair price to pay? How do you make sure your data is safe? Read on to find the answers to these questions.

What is an email verification service?

It is a system that automatically isolates unwanted data from your email list, such as misspelled and fake email addresses, spam traps, catch-all and abuse emails, or dormant contacts that skew your metrics. Using proprietary algorithms, email verification (also called email validation) services help marketers improve their sender reputation and email deliverability.

How to pick an email validation system

With email marketing being on the rise, great marketers realize the value of their email list consists in its quality. So they hire an email validation system to ensure they are using only the best data in their email marketing campaigns.

Here are the features they pay attention to:

  • Accuracy: no matter the size of your email list, you still want a reliable email verification system to clean it up well. Accuracy should be your number one concern. While there is no service that can guarantee 100% accuracy, aim for at least 98%.
  • Features: what can your email validation system do? Does it remove invalid email addresses? How about abuse emails that can affect your sender reputation, spam traps, and temporary addresses? Get a firm answer to these questions before you make any purchase.
  • Security: GDPR has changed the way companies handle private user information. With the regulation being enforced this year, always check to see whether the service of your choice is GDPR compliant.
  • Ease-of-use: nobody wants to spend hours figuring out how a system works. Most email validation platforms offer a trial, so you can try out several of them until you decide which one fits you best.
  • Customer support: even if you find an easy-to-use service, you want to make sure you can always talk to a specialist if you need to. So take a look at the company’s hours – some of them offer 24/7 customer support.

Bonus features

Some email verification systems offer basic features, while others so more than clean your list. And they do it for free. For example, only a few of them remove duplicate email addresses automatically, at no charge. Then, some advanced services can even add information to complete your list. Based on the email addresses you provide, they will add your subscribers’ full name, gender, and location. That comes in handy when you segment your database to better target your content.

Making your email list quality your top priority is the best strategy you can have as a digital marketer. Most businesses focus on growth – the more prospects you have in your database, the greater your chances to convert them. While that’s true, what’s even more important is how valuable your contacts are. Pay attention to that, and you will be on the right path to email marketing success.


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