How To Participate In The Puppet Game Of The Welcome Home ARG

How To Participate In The Puppet Game Of The Welcome Home ARG:

It’s great to have you back! The ARG Puppet Game represents a kind of alternative reality game in which players interact with puppets and attempt to solve a variety of riddles.

The narrative of the game is revealed piece by piece as the player advances through it by overcoming obstacles and working through puzzles.

The fact that Welcome Home doesn’t actually provide players with direction on how to move in the right direction has caused many people to be confused. In light of this, we have compiled a tutorial that explains how to participate in the Welcome Home ARG Puppet Game.

The most recent alternative reality game that has been making the rounds is called Welcome Home ARG. At first glance, the Welcome Home ARG, which is based on a children’s puppet show from the 1970s, seems to be completely harmless.

However, as you progress through the content, a more sinister narrative will become apparent. The rules of the game Welcome Home are outlined here, along with any hints that we discovered along the way.

The unsettling alternative reality game “Welcome Home ARG,” which is based on a made-up puppet show from the 1970s and is being extensively shared on social media, is now making the rounds online.

But how exactly does one go about playing this one-of-a-kind and eerie oddity? Find out all you require to know on the online platform that will allow you to experience the narrative of Wally Darling, Eddie Dear, as well as the other stars of the program who were having problems here.

The First Steps In Playing The Welcome Home ARG Puppet Game Are As Follows:

When you first access the game’s homepage, you’ll be greeted with a vibrant website that has a message that reads “Website Updates!” as well as a variety of characters. Even though nothing looks out of the ordinary at first sight, the overall tone of the page is unsettling.

Your primary purpose in this section is to discover and make use of various clues so that you may progress farther. The following are some pointers that can assist you in playing the game more effectively:

First, give the homepage its full attention, and then go on to the rest of the pages. There are hints everywhere, but it could be difficult to see them at first look.

Make sure you read the material correctly. Quite frequently, the text will appear strange, which basically provides a clue as to what the secret is. Simply use the exposure tool on the images by clicking it. They are capable of serving as a front for something hidden.

Launch the game on your mobile device, since some hints will only become visible on the mobile platform.

You may seek for explanations and hypotheses on other social media sites, if you remain unable to make sense of the evidence or if you are still perplexed overall. Be aware, however, that this may make your experience in the game less enjoyable since you will have prior knowledge of the clues.


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