How To Obtain The Rengoku Sword On Blox Fruits

How To Obtain The Rengoku Sword On Blox Fruits:

The flame hashira was the inspiration for the Rengoku sword, which has become among the most famous in Blox Fruits. This sword is easier to get than most others, and you can find it in the 2nd sea. With the help of this Blox Fruits guide, you can get the Rengoku sword. Here is the information you need.

Want to know how to obtain the Rengoku Sword in Blox Fruits? When you play Blox Fruits, you may become a dangerous pirate or a Marine. But to win the battles, you must learn strong skills and find good weapons.

Most of the time, you will fight. However, since the game is centered on the anime One Piece, you could indeed find stuff from other series, like Demon Slayer. So, continue reading to find out how to obtain the Rengoku Sword in Roblox Blox Fruits.

Rengoku Sword: Where is it?

The Rengoku sword is in the second sea, at the Ice Castle. But you can’t pick it up and begin using it right away. The blade is in a chest that has a lock on it.

To open the chest, you need to find the Hidden Key. Once you have it, you can open it. Inside the main castle, you can discover this chest behind the wall on the right side of the stairs. You also fight the Ice Admiral here.

How To Retrieve The Key That’s Hidden:

There really are 2 ways to get the Hidden Key if you don’t already have it. Trying to kill the Awkaned Ice Admiral inside the palace is the best way to do it. When you kill him, he might drop the key up to 15% of the time.

But it is hard to kill the admiral, especially if you are low level. The second way to do this is to kill the NPCs on the island.

Snow Lurkers and Arctic Warriors are the NPCs that drop the key. You could indeed locate them outside of the palace in the main island area. Even though they only have a 1% likelihood of dropping the Secret Key, murder 15 to 30 of them ought to offer you the same 15% chance as killing the admiral.

Still, the admiral will be more helpful. If your level is low or you’re not having much luck with the admiral, killing NPCs is a great way to get the key.

The Awakened Ice Admiral has a 5% chance of dropping the Hidden Key. You can also kill a Snow Lurker or an Arctic Warrior, but only 0.5% of the time will they drop a Hidden Key.

So, you’ll have to fight them until you receive what you need. Then, you can use the Hidden Key to get into the hidden chamber to obtain the Samurai title & Rengoku Sword in Blox Fruits.


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