How To Obtain A Sand Dollar And Goldfish In Adopt Me

How To Obtain A Sand Dollar And Goldfish In Adopt Me:

Pet owners on Roblox Adopt Me should get ready for some early summer fun with the Pool Party Update, which adds the Goldfish and Sand Dollar.

These 2 ocean-themed Pets are great to have with you when you go swimming or diving in the huge new water park, which used to be called the Hot Spring.

Brad still runs the shop at this location, but it has been restocked with pool-related items like pool noodles, party surfboards, mermaid innertubes, and a giant pizza float.

Want to know how to get the Goldfish & Sand Dollar in Adopt Me? One of the most popular pet simulators on Roblox is called “Adopt Me.”

This shouldn’t be a surprise, since the game has a lot of things to do and, of course, Pets. You can hatch different Pets from eggs, walk with them, take care of them, and there’s a lot more in it. Also, Pets are often added by developers.

How To Get A Goldfish:

Adopt Me players who have been to the Hot Spring before are likely to know where the Goldfish is at the new water park in the Pool Party Update. But if you are new to the game or haven’t played in a while, you can find the shop with the goldfish by following the steps below.

  1. After you spawn in your house, leave the house and walk towards the Exit gateway to Adoption Island.
  2. Turn right at the major road and then go past the Baby Shop and Playground.
  3. The new Pool Party area will be in the next block. The new Pets are in the building on the left.

In Roblox Adopt Me, you’ll need $1,400 worth of in-game currency to buy the Goldfish from the Pool Party Update.

Based on what we know, it could take you less than two hours to farm the money you need as a Baby with your Pet. On the other hand, you could indeed invest 650 Robux, which is about $8.

How To Get Sand Dollars:

The new Sand Dollar Pets from the Pool Party Update in Adopt Me are also in the same shop as the Goldfish. On a pedestal to the left will be a Red Sand Dollar, and on the right will be a White version.

Even though they are sitting apart, these 2 Pets are actually one high-end product. Both of them can be bought for 240 Robux, which is equal to three USD.

The Adopt Me Goldfish can only be bought at the Pool Party store, but the Red & White Sand Dollar can be bought anywhere by clicking on the Shop icon on the right side of the screen.


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