How To Make Minecraft’s Slow Falling Potion

How To Make Minecraft’s Slow Falling Potion:

You can make a lot of different things in Minecraft, as well as the Potion of Slow Falling is just one of them. The name of the potion tells you that it will slow your fall from higher places.

It may appear to be a simple effect, but it’ll come in handy more often than you can imagine. Here’s how to make the Minecraft potion that slows your fall. One of the potions you can make in Minecraft is a slow-falling potion, which, as the name suggests, keeps you from dying from fall damage.

Just because of this, this potion could be a good thing to have in your collection of consumables. Here’s how to make a slow-falling potion in Minecraft.

The Slow Falling Potion in Minecraft:

You need a neoteric wart, a water bottle, as well as a phantom membrane to make the Slow Falling potion. Add Blaze Powder to your brewing hold once you have all the ingredients.

Put Nether-Worm in the top and water bottles in the bottom. If you let it sit until it’s done, you’ll get a strange potion.

Put the Phantom Membrane on top of the stand and the Awkward potion on the bottom. We think it’s best to make three potions at once to save time.

The Slow Falling Potion will be ready when the brewing is done. The potion only works for 1 minute & 30 seconds, which isn’t very long compared to most other potions.

How To Make A Long Lasting Slow Falling Potion:

Make three glass bottles by putting three glass blocks on a crafting table. Take your newly made glass bottles and right-click near a water source. You’ve now made a bottle for water.

This is the part of brewing that takes the most time. You’ll need brewing powder to power a brewing stand and start the actual brewing process. Blazes drop blaze rods, which can be used to make blaze powder.

You can make two blaze powders by putting the blaze rod anywhere on the crafting table.

Basic potions require a potion modifier. In this situation, we need to find nether wort. So, when you go to the Nether Fortress to look for blazes, don’t forget to also get some soul sand & nether wart!

Every standard potion starts with an awkward potion. As shown above, put 3 water bottles, blaze powder, & nether wart into the GUI of the brewing stand.

This potion needs phantom membrane, which is a dropped effect. These are things that ghosts drop. Just put the phantom membrane in the empty space at the top, leaving everything else the same as in the last step.

After the brewing is done, you will have a standard slow-falling potion. This potion makes the player fall more slowly and just not take any harm for 1.5 minutes when they hit the ground.

How To Make It Last Longer:

You can also make a slow-falling potion last longer by putting red-stone dust in the base slot. The effect of a potion will last longer if you make it last longer.

What Does Slow Falling Potion Do?

If you sip the Potion of Slow Falling 1:30, this will slow down how fast you fall & prevent fall harm for 1 minute and 30 seconds.


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