How To Make Disney Dream Light Valley’s Ghostly Fish Steak

How To Make Disney Dream Light Valley’s Ghostly Fish Steak:

With the latest update for Pride of the Valley from Disney Dream light Valley, many new fun things have been added for players to enjoy. There are a lot of things to do during this upgrade. There are fun new people to meet, more things to make, and more recipes to cook.

Recipes come with almost every novel update, so some players desire to learn them right away to add to their collection, which is always growing. This guide will show you how to make Disney Dream light Valley’s Ghostly Fish Steak.

The latest update for Disney Dream light Valley, called Pride of the Valley, came out recently and added a lot of new features. Characters that fans liked, like Simba as well as Nala from The Lion King, as well as furniture, meals, tasks, and more, were added.

In Disney Dream Light Valley, Players Can Cook A Range Of Tasty Meals:

In Disney Dream light Valley, players can cook a range of tasty meals. The Ghostly Fish Steak is one of the most popular. This 5-star dish is a great way for players to get a boost of energy. Do you want even better news? You may sell it and get a lot of resources in return.

Ghostly Fish Steak is a delicious five-star dish that has been recently added to the Disney Dream light Valley game with the Pride of the Valley update.

This tasty dish is good for more than one thing. Not only can you drink it to get a boost of energy, but you may additionally present it as a gift to many people in the town to quickly make new friends.

What Kinds Of Fish Are In Ghostly Fish Steak?

Here are the five things you need for the recipe for Ghostly Fish Steak:

  1. Asparagus
  2. Bell Pepper
  3. Here and There Fish
  4. Lemon
  5. Oregano

Where Can You Get The Ingredients:

Ingredients Location
Asparagus To get the Asparagus, simply buy its seed or the crop itself from Goofy’s stall in the Frosted Heights.
Bell Pepper To get the Bell Pepper, go to the Forest of Valor and locate Goofy’s stall there. You can buy the vegetable’s seed or the crop itself from him.
Here and There Fish The Here and There Fish can be caught from any white fishing spot as long as you have completed Nala’s level 10 friendship quest prior to searching. You can only find it between in the evening from 8-10 PM or early morning from 5 AM-10 AM.
Lemon The Lemon is a forageable fruit you can find throughout the Glade of Trust or Sunlit Plateau biomes. It is picked from fruit trees.
Oregano Oregano is incredibly easy to find and grows commonly throughout the Plaza on the ground. It appears in random spots there and is abundant.


How To Cook A Ghostly Fish Steak:

Get the five materials and one piece of coal ready within your collection for creating a Ghostly Fish Steak. Then just go to one of the cooking stations in your valley. If you don’t have any coal on you, you can look for any mineable point to see if any drops.

To make a ghostly fish steak, put your asparagus, bell pepper, Here and There Fish, lemon, as well as herbs into the cooking pot. After making the meal once, you can quickly make it again by choosing it from the tab while cooking. If you sell this 5-star recipe, you’ll get 349 coins.


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