How to Look for Radstags in Fallout 76

How to Look for Radstags in Fallout 76:

In Fallout 76, there are a lot of things that live in the wastelands of Appalachia. When the bombs went off, they changed many animals in ways that made them more dangerous. Check out the Radstag.

These once-tame deer went crazy, and if you come across them in the woods of West Virginia, they won’t think twice about charging you. Of course, you have to chase these animals down sometimes, whether you want to eat them or just want a challenge. This tutorial will teach you where to look in Fallout 76 to find Radstags.

Radstags are scary changes that came about because of the radioactive environment left over from the Great War. Even though they look like they belong in a post-nuclear world, these genetically changed deer still help both settlers and raiders in Fallout 76.

You can use their meat, hides, & blood to stay alive, make money, or do quests. Even after the fallout, these deer are still pretty common, but you should hunt in certain places first if you need the kills or equipment quickly.

Places With Radstag:

There are many different kinds of animals in the Appalachians, from strange and dangerous cryptids to simple rabbits. Even though not everything wants to kill you, most of it won’t think twice about attacking if it thinks it has to.

There are many different kinds of Radstags in the game. Some of these different kinds of Radstag will attack you as soon as they see you, while others will try to get away if you attack them.

There are a number of good places in the wastelands of Appalachia where you can find Radstag. If you want to find them, look in the following places.

Area Location Description
The Forest Whistepring Golf Club Radstag can be found on the path up into the mountains.
Savage Divide Twin Lakes Start at the Marigold Pavilion and head Southeast, you will find Radstag near the topmost lake.
Toxic Valley Hemlock Holes West of here is a junkyard that Radstag spawn in.
Savage Divide Whitespring Resort Behind one of the houses in front of the resort is a backyard pond where Radstag spawn.
The Forest Lakeside Cabins / Summerville Between the two locations, along Route 87, Radstag will appear in random numbers.
Toxic Valley The Crater A bit West-Northwest of the Crater, along the border, is a small herd of Radstag.
Forest Region Wixon Homestead Near the Gilman Lumber Mill that you discover early on, the homestead frequently has Scorched around, but also Radstag.
Savage Divide Thomas Farmouse An unlisted location east of Dent & Sons Construction on the southern edge of the Divide. Multiple Albino Radstag spawn here.

In the game, radstags are a nice method to get meat and leather. You can make Fried Deerskins, Grilled Radstag, Radstag Stew, & Steak Sticks with their meat.

You may additionally utilize their meat to make explosive bait, which works well against animals like Yao Guai that are hard to catch and kill on your own.


Before you shoot up any albino Radstags, make sure to check the title. “Observant Radstag,” a type of albino Radstag, is said to guide you to precious stashes as part of a random event called “Follow the Trail.”


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