How To Locate The Present At The Far Southern End Of Springvale In Genshin Impact

How To Locate The Present At The Far Southern End Of Springvale In Genshin Impact:

During the Of Ballads & Brews Event in Genshin Impact, one of the activities that Travelers may engage in was called Fecund Blessings. During this activity, you were tasked with locating Fecund Hampers that had been put at various predetermined areas across the globe.

Due to the sheer size of the geographical map of Mondstadt by itself, the process of locating a little concealed treasure might be considered to be fairly difficult. Travelers were in luck since the NPCs who participated in the event were able to provide them hints regarding the whereabouts of their Fecund Hampers.

The statement “The gift is near the home at the southernmost point of Spring-vale” was one example of a phrase that provided a hint. In Genshin Impact, the following is a walk-through of how to locate the Gift that is located in the southernmost tip of Spring-vale.

Discovering Springvale’s Southernmost Gift:

If you have investigated the Mondstadt map, there is a good chance that you are already acquainted with Spring-vale. Spring-vale is a tiny hamlet located in the Wind-wall Highland, which is located just south of the City of Mondstadt.

You need to inspect the cottage that was constructed atop the ridge on the southern edge of the community in order to uncover the specific present that is located close to the home that is located at the southernmost point of Spring-vale. Face south and continue down the main road until you reach the windmill in the middle of the area.

The Teleport Way-point is located in the center of the town. If you look for the barrels & hay bales that are stacked along the side of the road, you will know that you are heading in the proper direction.

Go up the stairs that is located in the rear, and then take the main route that ascends the hill. You will find a massive wooden sign in the distance at some point. At this point, you should continue going in a straight line until you come to a location where there is a little stone stairs leading up to a home that is perched on a hill overlooking Spring-vale.

You should approach this house and then stroll around to the right side of the house, where there are two huge trees. You will find a wooden stairs and a waggon next to a barrel if you look into this location and study it more.

This waggon indicates the location of the gift that you would have discovered in the most southern point of Spring-vale during the Of Ballads & Brews Event that was hosted by Gen-shin Impact.

The action of the event would have advanced if you had collected the chest, and you would have been rewarded for your efforts with two Mystic Enhancement Ore and 20,000 Mora.


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