How To Level Up Quickly In Minecraft

How To Level Up Quickly In Minecraft:

In Minecraft, you need to gain experience if you want to keep getting stronger in the fight for survival. It’s helpful in more than one way. You can use it to fix and enchant items, or if you have a Mending enchantment on a tool or weapon, collecting experience orbs would then fix that item.

There are a lot of ways to get experience, which is good, but some of them can take a while. Here are the Minecraft ways that give you experience the quickest. Players will need to spend most of their time gathering levels if they want to get some of the coolest gear in Minecraft.

Now that there are enchantments like “Mending” in the game, having enough experience points has become even more important for getting and keeping the best gear.

Players have figured out which activities give the most XP and also have built farms just to get XP. So, if Minecraft players want to get a lot of XP, they have to resort to one of these techniques.

Perfect Ways To Get XP:

Breed Animals:

Breeding Cows or Sheep is a simple method of gaining experience without doing much work. At first, you won’t get many orbs, but as you add more animals, you’ll get more.

First, get two Cows and Sheep & put them in an area that is fenced off. Now, start breaking up the tall grass till you get Seeds. Make a hoe & start tilling the ground near where you keep your animals. Plant the seeds, & Wheat will eventually start to grow.

Now that you have Wheat, you can feed it to your Cows and Sheep. This will make them ready to have babies. Once they are both in this mode, they would then take care of everything else. The experience will be yours once the baby is born. As they get bigger, keep feeding them so you can learn more in big batches.

Make A Temporary Farm:

If building big farms scares you or takes too much time, you can feel at ease knowing that there are additionally quick ways to build makeshift farms.

One of them tells you to kill the Ender Dragon once you’ve found a Stronghold and finished the quest to let the End out. Still, it will always give you XP & Ender Pearls.

You only need to build a simple platform that’s less than three blocks high, then stand right below it and look at the Endermen around you. When the Enderman get close, they could indeed attack you, but you can kill them without getting hurt.

Set Up A Mob Farm:

You may go out into the dark & fight different mobs for experience, but that would require you to move around a lot and put you in danger.

Instead, you should think about setting up a way for the mobs to be sent to a small area where you can quickly kill them.

Watch the video below from Dusty Dude for an easy-to-use early-game mob farm. Five stacks of wood planks or cobblestones and some water are the only things you need to build this.

You can, of course, add to the farm even though you gather more resources to make the process more profitable.

Do Business With Villagers:

Trading with nearby villages is a way to gain XP that is often overlooked but could be helpful. Every time you trade with a villager, you can get up to six XP. This may not seem like much, but still it adds up quickly and can help you in other ways.

By building a villager trading hall that works, you can get access to useful items like enchantments, armor, and other things. The biggest problem is that you have to gather a lot of resources and other things before the villagers would then let you do more business with them.

But if you gather these things, you might also get more XP.

A Bottle Of Enchantment:

If you throw a Bottle of Enchanting on the ground, it will drop XP orbs worth between 3 and 11 XP. You can get them by digging up shipwreck chests, buried chests, & chests in Pillager outposts. To get the bottles, you also can trade with Villagers.

Make Farms With Nether Roofs:

Getting to the Nether Roof isn’t the easiest thing to do in the game, but there are many good reasons to do it. First of all, the Nether Roof is completely covered with bedrock, which means that nothing ever spawns there and it is safe to walk around. It’s a great way to set up a network of portals to the Nether in a safe place.

since nothing spawns on bedrock, making a platform on top of it out of a block that does allow spawning lets the player easily control the rate at which Piglins, Pigmen, and other similar creatures spawn to make farms that are very efficient.

Use A Command At The Console:

Lastly, you may employ a console command to start giving yourself experience in order to cheat Lastly, you may employ a console command to start giving yourself experience in order to cheat Open the chat box & type /xp 20L [player name] to do this.

This will give that many levels to the player who is named. If I wanted to give myself 20 levels of experience, for example, I would type the following.

Make Any Mob Grinder:

If nothing else works, a mob grinder is a tried-and-true way to gather mobs in a safe place and send them all down a tunnel of death for farming. It’s also a great way to get bones, string, and gunpowder from mob drops.

That said, mob grinders are usually big towers that require a lot of planning and gathering resources to build. You have to be willing to stick with the project, so it’s not the quickest by any means.

Make A Smelter For Bamboo And Cacti:

The bamboo and cactus smelter is a very popular and effective farm. It is also the best and easiest farm to make when it comes to getting XP. Players think this method is so good that they call it the “XP bank.”

The great thing about this is that it’s a self-fueling farm. Bamboo is burned in furnaces to make dye from cacti, and the dye is then used in other things.

The farm is left to run on its own, and if it’s time to clean out the furnaces, all the cacti that went through them will give you a lot of experience points.

Fighting Ender Dragon:

The last boss mob in the game is the Ender Dragon. Players go into the End realm to fight the beast and also get rid of her control over the realm. So, when players kill the dragon, they get about 12,000 XP points as a reward. It is the most XP they are able to obtain without cheating in one go.

Players can make a new dragon appear and fight it again to get more XP. But every dragon that a player summons on their own only drops 500 XP points.


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