How To Increase The Number Of Weapons You Can Store In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Increase The Number Of Weapons You Can Store In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, weapons have all the sticking power of a live-service game, so Link should get as many as he can.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, the store system has been changed to make it easier to use and more organized. Link’s bag is now a lot simpler to manage compared to Breath of the Wild. Big changes are clear from the moment the backpack is opened.

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the most important thing you should do is add to your collection. As you try out different fuse combos to find the best ones, you’ll end up with more guns, bows, as well as shields than Link’s small bags can hold.

Want to know how to add more items to your Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom inventory? We’ll take care of you. Here’s an account of how the system works and a list of things to keep mind so you can plan ahead for your store changes.

Unfortunately, you only start with ten weapon spots. What if you’d like extra or want to add places to other parts of your inventory? Within Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll need to understand how to improve your stores. So, here’s what you need to do:

How To Utilize Korok Seeds To Add More Weapons To Link’s Collection:

Korok Seeds are used as upgrades again within Tears of the Kingdom. You can get them by solving tasks and finding where they’re hidden all over Hyrule. Link will be able to store all of his weapons if he finds and gives back 440 Korok seeds.

Link’s fully improved kit, including the spaces he opens with, will include 20 slots for guns, 20 slots for shields, as well as 14 slots for bows. Later within the game, when he gets certain important things, his stash will get more room to hold those items.

When you talk to Hestu, you can choose which of the three tabs in your stash you want to improve. Hestu will give you one more inventory room in that stash if you give him a certain number of Korok Seeds.

The number of Korok Seeds you need to give him will go up each time you give him some. Within Tears of the Kingdom, here is an inventory of the quantity of Korok seedlings you need to gather and turn in for each new item Link can carry.

Upgrade Weapon Stash

Korok Seeds Required

Shield Stash

Korok Seeds Required

Bow & Arrow Stash

Korok Seeds Required

1st Additional Slot 1 1 1
2nd Additional Slot 2 2 2
3rd Additional Slot 3 3 3
4th Additional Slot 5 4 5
5th Additional Slot 8 5 8
6th Additional Slot 12 10 12
7th Additional Slot 17 10 17
8th Additional Slot 25 10 25
9th Additional Slot 10
10th Additional Slot 10
11th Additional Slot 15
12th Additional Slot 15
13th Additional Slot 15
14th Additional Slot 15
15th Additional Slot 15
16th Additional Slot 20

In Tears Of The Kingdom, This Is Where You Can Find Hestu:

Before he settles in the Korok Forest, you can meet Hestu in two different places in Hyrule:

Link will meet Hestu for the first time in Tears of the Kingdom within the North Hyrule Plain, southeast of the Lindor’s Brow tower. Talking to Hestu will lead to a side quest called “Hestu’s Concerns,” where he is very worried about some dangerous trees close by.

Link will get some Korok seeds after he beats the trees. He can trade these seeds with Hestu to get more space in his stash. Hestu will then tell Link that he wants to go to where there are fewer people, to the east.

Hestu can be found another time near the shops at Lookout Landing, which is south of Hyrule Castle and in the Hyrule Field area.

If you hadn’t found him before, he will give you another Hestu’s Concerns side quest when you talk to him there. This time, Hestu will ask you to find Korok Seeds so that his maracas can play music again.

You Have To Complete A Minimum One Shrine Before Hestu Appears:

You need to finish a minimum of one shrine before Hestu appears up at Lookout Landing. He will stay at that Tears of the Kingdom spot as well as receive Korok Seeds until Link finishes dealing with the dangers to Korok Forest at the end of his quest.

Lastly, Hestu will move again when you’ve gone far enough within the main story and cleared out Korok Forest. For the rest of the game, he will always be in the Korok Forest.

Hestu will continue to take any TotK Korok Seeds you bring him till each of your stash tabs are updated to its maximum size. Once you’ve unlocked it, the teleport at Musanokir Shrine is a quick and easy way to get back to Korok Forest.

How To Put Weapons Away:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, the inventory system has been greatly improved to make it much easier for Link to keep track of all the weapons, clothing, food, and other items he finds in Hyrule.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, you can now reach each group tab from a single screen and look through their items instead of going through multiple pages.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, you can also get to certain parts of Link’s inventory when you open boxes or find weapons outside of the normal inventory options. Also, you can switch guns while playing without going to the inventory screen by using the D-pad.

The armor pane is now the first thing you see when you open your inventory. This is because players often change their gear to adapt to different settings.

Use Overworld Shopping System To Combine Things With Weapon:

You can also use the overworld shopping system to combine things with guns. This can be done during battle for quick and simple changes.

In Tears of the Kingdoms, the inventory has eight different tabs for different kinds of things armor, arrows and bows, shields, weapons, materials, food, zone devices, as well as key items.

The game’s System Settings menu is found in the ninth tab. The weapon tab, the shield tab, and the arrow and bow tab are the ones that need to be updated so that they can hold more items.

When more things are added, the leftover stash tabs will begin to expand as needed. Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, we’ve written down everything you need to know about making your pouch bigger.


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