How To Get To The Korok Forest Within Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Get To The Korok Forest Within Tears Of The Kingdom:

The Lost Woods is one of our best places in the Zelda games. Just imagining it as well as hearing the music makes us miss it. Since this place was so important in Breath of the Wild, it makes sense that Tears of the Kingdom would bring it back.

But if you attempt to make it to the Lost Woods as well as Korok Forest too early, you won’t be able to get in. It looks like the change has caused a few issues within the woods, as well as there’s only a single individual who can fix things.

For people who played the first game, reaching Korok Forest is probably a big goal within Tears of the Kingdom.

It’s where you’ve discovered the Master Sword, where you are always able to locate Hestu in exchange for Korok Seeds to make your collection bigger, and where you can talk to the famous Great Deku Tree.

In Tears of the Kingdom, Koroks still roam the land as well as skies of Hyrule, and you can even visit their home, the Korok Forest, which every Zelda fan holds dear.

It’s where the famous Master Sword was hidden, waiting for Link to discover it when he woke up from his sleep in the last game.

The Korok Forest How To Find It?

In Central Hyrule, in the middle of the Great Hyrule Forest, is the Korok Forest. The trees in the Korok Forest haven’t changed at all while Breath of the Wild. This is different from the other trees within Tears of the Kingdom.

You might be tempted to go to the opening of the Lost Wood and try to follow the way from the last entry, but that won’t work.

How Do I Join Korok Forest?

Since you can’t get in from the sides or the top, the only way to get in is from below. Yes, you’ll have to go down into the depths till you’re right under Korok Forest, then you’ll have to climb up.

Entering the Minshi Woods Chasm is the best way for getting to Korok Forest. This is just to the north of the Woodland Stable.

If you jump down this gap, you’ll be very close to the Korok Forest. Look at the map of the over-ground to find out where you need to walk if you require to.

Here, your job is to get to the middle of Korok Grove as well as reach a big building there. On the way, you’re going to run into a lot of Poes and other enemies, like the Gloom Hand, which you ought to avoid if you’re not good at fighting them yet.

At some point, you’ll see the glow of the big building off in the distance. To get there, you’ll have to climb up some big roots. Once you’re down there, use Ascend and you’ll pop up in Korok Forest.

When you get to the top, you’ll see that there is a lot of darkness there. You can’t do much about the fact that the Koroks around you won’t talk to you.

The source of the sadness is inside the Great Deku Tree, where there is a small gap that goes down to a small arena. Before you jump down, though, you should know that Gloom Hands as well as a Phantom Ganon will fight you hard at the bottom.

Before you go any further, it’s an excellent plan to get the fast travel spot for the shrine. Click here if you want to help finish the shrine.

Getting Ready For The Battle:

It’s hard to get ready for fights with Gloom Hands as well as Phantom Ganon because they are so different.

To Fight Phantom Ganon, You Must:

The best shield and the strongest physical tool you can combine. Ganon is a much more close-quarters fight, and a great way to get Flurry Rushes is to block and try to dodge during the right time.

As you might expect, you’ll have a lot more achievement if you cook a lot of high-healing dishes with onions. These dishes will help you recover from any damage you take from the gloomy effects of the fight. If you have to cook before going into the gap, there is a handy cooking pot close by.

Also, it’s a very good idea to have more than one summon from the Regional Phenomena quests. If they get caught, they will not only confuse the Gloom Hands, but they can also do a lot of damage to Phantom Ganon.

To Fight Against The Dark Hands:

Fire is very good because when the hands are on fire, they can’t grab or move. Fire darts work well because you can get critical hits by shooting at the hands’ eyes, but we think a magic stick joined with a ruby is the best weapon.

This will shoot out 3 fireballs at once, making it easy to burn more than one hand at once as well as letting you stay away from the darkness.

Bomb flowers are great tools for this fight, whether they are thrown or attached to arrows. These are easy to use against all of the enemy’s hands at once.

Trying To Defeat Phantom Ganon:

You’ll have a few moments to take a good look around before the Gloom Hands show up. Darkness covers the floor, so check where you step.

The best way to beat Gloom Hands was to do as many damage as possible quickly. Because of this, we suggest attacks that damage a large area and keep the enemies in place with fire. When they get close, it’s easy to become caught and fear.

It’s important to do the same amount of damage to each hand, since they will come back after a short time. To move on to the next part of the fight, you have to get rid of every hand at once.

When Phantom Ganon appears, keep stopping him and don’t stop. The most effective method to handle him is to stay away so he can’t dash at you, then dodge towards the side and try to get an immediate rush.

If you’re patient and learn Ganon’s moves well enough, you should be able to beat him quickly. Once you’ve won the fight, three Koroks will fly down from the chasm to let you know that you did well. Either employ Ascend to ascend back to the top or quickly travel to the spot you were at earlier.

Now, you can talk to the Grand Deku Tree to find out where the Master Sword is if you weren’t already gotten it. Hestu is also close by if you must exchange Korok Seeds for more store space.


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