How To Get Pristine Weapons In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Get Pristine Weapons In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Want to know how to get weapons that haven’t lost their power within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? Ganondorf’s anger has left a mark on Hyrule’s past that will never be erased.

A side result of this tyrant’s power is that it has corrupted every fighting weapon in Hyrule, as well as destroying lives and towns. If you don’t connect monster parts to it, the spear or sword will be much less sharp than it was before. It will also break quickly.

The Goron race still makes guns, but the steel they used in the past was much better. But there are stories that Pristine Weapons are kept in the Hyrule Depths, as well as today we’ll tell you how to obtain them in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom was a great example of how expectations were turned on their head.

At first glance, it might look like an add-on for Breath of the Wild, but it changed the world of Hyrule so much that anyone who played the game for more than an hour will tell you that this is a whole new game.

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, it’s hard to find perfect weapons, but you’ll need a lot of them to fuse with end-game items.

Thanks to farming, you can get the pure forms of the game’s finest weapons, which all have twice as much attack power, are more durable, and don’t have a weird appearance from pollution. All you need is a little bit of foresight and a little bit of safe management.

Where You Can Find Pristine Weapons:

Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you have to go to Hyrule Depths to get weapons that don’t wear out. This rare weapon can only be found in this one Hyrule level.

All you’ve got to do is search for dark shapes on tiny slopes and take their guns. When we say “hill,” we mean small mushrooms, stone towers, or old houses that have fallen down.

It’s important to know that Pristine weapons can be found all over Hyrule Depths, as there are a lot of them. But you should know a few things about Pristine weapons.

First, Pristine weapons had a little more attack power and last a lot longer than their peers on the Hyrule Surface.

The fact that the name has a pair of diamonds on the end shows how good the weapon is. You are still able to enhance Pristine alongside monster parts as well as additional things, just like you can with any other weapon.

Also, don’t be afraid of shadow images if you’ve never obtained a Pristine weapon from them. Once they’ve given you guns, they’ll leave and won’t fight you. Even though it’s clear, it’s better to say it again.

The more powerful you are in the game, the better and more rare your tools will be. This is the same as meeting more silver enemies and enemies with more power as the game goes on.

So, you may discover the rarest Pristine guns early in the game, but you’re more likely to find them late in the game. You can get a tool again from the same place where you got it the first time. Most likely, shadow figures are coming back after the red moon, just like monsters.

Going back to the last point, you may acquire different guns at the same place on the map. So, if you have Soldier’s Claymor, for example, you can find Soldier’s Spear here.

How To Find The Most Pristine Weapons:

Only in the Depths can you find perfect versions of the different knightly weapons. They are all held by ghostly troops standing on obvious piles of rocks.

And what you receive is still a surprise until you get sufficiently near to the rock shapes for the ghost as well as weapon to load. But as soon as you observe the weapon, it’s set and you can’t change it.

That means that with some save editing, you may alter which weapons show up. When you discover a ghost soldier within the world, load your most likely autosave if it doesn’t have the firearm you want.

You shouldn’t be too far from the soldier, I hope. Get close to the rocks where the ghost will appear, but stop before it does. Then make a manual save.

At the moment, you are able to see which weapon will appear. If it’s not the one that you want, just reload and try again until you get it. Keep in mind that you must have seen the weapon before, but it doesn’t have to be within your Hyrule Compendium.

Depending on your game, each ghost soldier is going to have a random type of weapon. For example, I could see an ordinary sword, you could see a stick, another person could see a two-handed weapon, as well as so on.

There are also different amounts of power for the items that each ghost soldier can spawn. Some items can only be used by Knights, while others can be used by Royal Guards.

The Korakut Light-root was near a part of the Depths that was easy to get to by taking the East Hill Chasm nearby Kakariko Village. This is where the most powerful monsters spawned.

Even though the ghost army and their weapons are gone once they are gathered, they all come back when there is a Blood Moon.

So, if you need to restock and there was just a Blood Moon, go back into the deep and get everything you need. If it involves that, you can still mess with saves.

How Do New Guns Get Made?

Tears of the Kingdom has three types of weapons: one-handed, two-handed, and spears. Each Shadow Soldier can only use one type of weapon.

So, if a Shadow Soldier hands you a with one hand sword when you meet it, it is going to possess a one-handed weapon to offer you after the next blood moon.

This means that if you want a strong two-handed weapon, you may mark the stone pillar on which you found a perfect two-handed weapon before and go back to it after a blood moon. The Shadow Soldier will constantly have another perfect two-handed tool in his or her hands.

How To Locate Pristine Weapons With Sensor+:

Once you have unlocked the Purah Pad’s Sensor+ feature, you’ll be able to find new pillars quickly without getting to glance at the map. To do this, you have to use the Camera to capture an image of the Pristine weapon.

Make sure your album has a picture in it. Pressing Y in the map menu will open up the sensor. Scroll up to find the “Change Target” choice. Find an image of the perfect tool you’re looking for and click on it. Get away from the table.

You can now move throughout the depths, and when you get close to the perfect weapon you chose, your monitor will go off to let you know.


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