How To Get Items Out Of The Fuse In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Get Items Out Of The Fuse In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, one of the best things you’ll discover early on is how to unfuse items. This is especially important when you can only carry so many items.

One of the best new things in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is the ability to combine items. You can do this with physics objects in the world with Ultra-hand and with materials and weapons with Fuse.

Both of these skills are quick, easy, and natural to use, but sometimes even simple things can stump you.

If you use Tears of the Kingdom Fuse to stick two things together and then decide you don’t want the fused item you made, how do you separate them?

Can you, for example, take a rock off the other side of a stick? You require to be able to fix any mistakes you made because the fresh Tears of the Kingdom’s skills, especially when creating, take a while to get used to.

One of the most important things to do within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is to fuse items together, but you also have to break them apart and fuse them back together. Putting one thing into another can be hard to understand, but there is an easy way for doing it.

When you unfuse something, it comes apart, but you are able to utilize it on other things. But you can only do that when making with the Ultra-hand.

When you combine guns together, there are different ways to separate the things. Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, here’s what you have to know about how to unfuse things.

One thing you may not understand right away was how to unfuse guns without breaking the materials that were fused together or how to take apart things that Ultra-hand has stuck together.

This guide will tell you everything you want to know about how to separate things within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

How Items Can Be Unfused:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, if you want to separate things that you fused together with the Ultra-hand, you must have the Ultra-hand skill equipped.

Using the L button on you’re Nintendo Switch, you can put it on and turn it on. This puts you in Ultrahand mode, so you are able to grab any marked item in your surroundings.

To separate an item from another, use your ultrahand to grab the item you want to separate and pull it away from the other item. The next thing that you should do is start moving the right Joycon control stick.

If you wiggle it for a couple of seconds, the thing you are holding is going to break loose from the thing it is connected to. Any item you wish to unfuse must be connected to something you’ve already merged with the Ultrahand.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, you should be able to separate things you’ve combined together. This occurs often as you travel through Hyrule and build different things and cars.

You can also separate tools that you’ve combined together, like when you add a stone to a stick or make an axe out of two sticks. But you can’t use the fuse power to make these things stop being fused.

Instead, it’s necessary to go to the menu for your weapon, choose the joined item, and destroy it. When you’re doing this, the item’s sturdiness will go down and the thing you’ve tied to it will be taken away.

We don’t suggest unfusing the things you’ve turned into weapons because it destroys the item you merged to the base weapon. However, you may have to do this throughout your journey.

How To Use Ultra-hand To Separate Items:

Even though Ultra-hand is one of the most beneficial abilities within the game, it may be a bit annoying at times, as you are likely to stick something wrong at least once during your run.

Luckily, it’s easy to separate these two things that are stuck together. Just turn on Ultrahand and then click on the part you wish to move. Press A to take it up, and then move the appropriate stick to get it unstuck.

It’s important to know that this will get rid of all items that are stuck to this object. For example, if you’ve got four wheels connected to a piece of wood, and you pull the wood away from the wheels, all four wheels will fall off.

How To Put Weapons And Shields Back Together:

You can either talk to Pelison within Tarrey Town and give him 20 rupees or use the “destroy fused material” choice in your inventory to separate two things that have been fused together.

This means that you can’t yet unfuse guns and keep the materials while you’re still upon the Great Sky Island, so it’s basically one big training area. Once you reach Hyrule, Tarrey Town will be to the east. The Rasitakiwak Shrine was the closest place where you can move quickly.

If You Okay To Lose Fused Material:

If you don’t mind losing the fused material, you may return to your inventory, find the fused weapon or shield, and choose the choice that will destroy the fused material. As you might expect, this destroys the part of the weapon that was tied to it.

You can’t get it back, but you can link something else to it if it didn’t give you the boost to attack you were looking for. This is particularly beneficial if the item hasn’t lost any toughness yet, but it doesn’t work if you’re fusing things to arrows.

How To Separate Stuff With The Help Of Ultra-hand:

If you want to know how to separate things you’ve put together with Ultra-hand, it’s a little easier. Just choose the part you’d like to take off, and then move the right stick around until it comes off.

Now that you know how to defuse, make sure you study our tips on how to finish Ukuoh, In-Isa, and Gutanac, the three sites on Great Sky Island. We also talked about how to locate the final shrine within the first place, since it’s not easy to get there.


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