How To Get Every Gem In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

How To Get Every Gem In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley:

In Disney Dreamland Valley, one of the things you can get is a gem. You can give these valuable stones as gifts to other people, or you can use them to make furniture and decorations. Some quests even need some of these gems, so that’s why it’s crucial to know where to mine them.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to find gems to complete tasks, give them as gifts, make things with them, or sell them for Star Coins.

Below, you’ll find a list of all the gem places in Disney Dreamlight Valley and where to find shiny gems. This will help you finish jobs, make friends with characters, or make money.

Collect Different Items As Well As Materials So You Can Create Items Or Decorate Your Home:

A big part of Disney Dreamlight Valley involves collecting different items and materials that can be used to make things to decorate your house or help you complete jobs. You can also sell the things you don’t need.

There are a few things that you should collect and save for later tasks. Even though gems are often needed for quests, it is better to sell them.

Gems are valuable a lot of money, so when a player gets a lot of them, they can add up quickly. Always keep some on hand, just in case. Here is where every gem within Disney Dreamlight Valley can be found.

How To Get All Of The Gems:

You can find gems in the valley by using your pickaxe to mine in certain spots. Mining takes a lot of energy, so if you’re performing it far from home, bring some food with you or pick up some food in the region you’re in.

We also suggest hanging out with a mining character who is level 10. When you’re mining, you have a chance to get more precious stones if you’re with a character who has the mining bonus.

If The Character Has Level 10 Or Above You Have Chance To Get More Precious Gems:

This chance is higher if the character is Level 10. By giving more people the mining bonus, you can get even more gems when you just hang out.

If you want to grow villagers, you don’t have to worry if you do not have a lot of them with the mining bonus. You can now change the jobs of villagers with training guides.

You can also make the Miracle Pickaxe Polish or the even stronger Even More Miracle Pickaxe Polish potions if you want to quickly improve how well you farm gems.

If you put a potion on your pickaxe, you’ll receive more gems from each mine spot, but you can only use each potion a certain number of times.

All Gems Location:


Where To Find

Amethyst can be found in the Frosted Heights or in the Forgotten Lands
Aquamarine can be found in the Forest of Valor or in Dazzle Beach
Citrine can be found in the Glade of Trust or in the Sunlit Plateau
Sapphire can be found in Vitalys Mines
Ruby can be found in Vitalys Mines
Diamond can only be found in the Forgotten Lands
Emerald can be found in the Glade of Trust or in the Forest of Valor
Garnet can be found in the Plaza or in the Peaceful Meadow
Peridot can be found in the Peaceful Meadow or in Dazzle Beach
Topaz can be found in the Plaza
Tourmaline can be found in the Sunlit Plateau or in the Frosted Heights

How Much Each Gem Sells:

Gem Name

Selling Price


Amethyst 500 2000
Aquamarine 250 1000
Citrine 380 1500
Diamond 600 2400
Emerald 325 1300
Garnet 160 640
Peridot 200 800
Ruby 1000 4000
Sapphire 1000 4000
Topaz 240 960
Tourmaline 420 1600

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Shiny Gems:

Shiny Gems are rare items that can be found at any place where you can mine within Disney Dreamlight Valley. Shiny versions of gems are always found within the same place as their regular versions. For example, just like a regular topaz, a shiny topaz must be found by digging in the Plaza.

Just like with regular gems, if you want to get more shiny gems while digging, you should bring a Level 10 character with you. It can also help to use the Miracle Pickaxe Polish potions.

Just remember that the potions fail to directly improve the likelihood of getting a shiny gem, but since they make more gems appear at a mining spot, that you’re more probable to find a shiny than if you skipped the potions.

When The Disney Dreamlight Valley Gem Will Come Back:

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, it takes about five minutes for new places to mine to appear. But gems don’t always appear in every mine spot, so if you’re out looking for gems, it will probably take you more than five minutes to find them.

On the other hand, places where you observe gems are sure to have that gem, so if you’re short on time, you should focus on mining these spots.

How To Quickly Mine A Lot Of Gems:

To mine a great deal of gems within a short amount of time, constantly bring a peasant who has been given the job of miner and whose friendship level is at its highest. This means that they will almost always give you a different gem from a mining point that has one.

When the mining bonus happens, the villager is bound to give out gems, even if the node additionally gives out other things, like gold or coal ore. This is because gems are the most valuable drop.


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