How To Get Born In Kansas BitLife

How To Get Born In Kansas BitLife:

When you make a character in Bit Life, you can put them anywhere in the world. This is a choice you can make as soon as you start the game, which may prove to be an important one. But for some challenges in Bit Life, you might need to be from a certain place.

In Bit Life, one of the tasks for the Massive Gains challenge is for your character to start throughout Kansas. It’s a place inside the United States. Sadly, none of the states are on the list.

Instead, you must select the city where your character will start, and it can be hard to find the right place. This guide tells you how to make your Bit Life character born in Kansas.

How To Come To Life In Kansas:

There are several Kansas cities in Bit Life, and you can choose any of them to complete this part of the Massive Gains challenge. Kansas City, which really is near the center of the cities you can choose from, is one of the easiest ways to meet this requirement quickly.

It is down below Jacksonville and up above Las Vegas. If you get close to cities like Memphis, Miami, or Oakland, you’ve gone far enough to need to scroll back up to choose Kansas City. Any Bit Life challenge that has this requirement can be completed by going to this place.

Wichita, which is at the very bottom of the list of available US cities, is another choice. This can be another choice if your character doesn’t show up in Kansas City. When your character is born, you can choose one of these options, and it will work.

After you make this choice, the first check inside the Bit Life challenge should be made, and you can start thinking about the other goals.

All City Name And State Name:

City Name

State Name

Anchorage Alaska
Atlanta Georgia
Austin Texas
Dallas Texas
Houston Texas
San Antonio Texas
Baltimore Maryland
Biloxi Mississippi
Boston Massachusetts
Brooklyn New York
Buffalo New York
New York New York
Charleston South Carolina
Charlotte North Carolina
Chattanooga Tennessee
Chicago Illinois
Cincinnati Ohio
Cleveland Ohio
Columbus Ohio
Compton California
Los Angeles California
Oakland California
San Diego California
San Francisco California
San Jose California
Denver Colorado
Detroit Michigan
Fargo North Dakota
Honolulu Hawaii
Jacksonville Florida
Miami Florida
Orlando Florida
Tampa Florida
Kansas City Missouri
Las Vegas Nevada
Little Rock Arkansas
Memphis Tennessee
Nashville Tennessee
Milwaukee Wisconsin
Minneapolis Minnesota
Newark New Jersey
New Orleans Louisiana
Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Scranton Pennsylvania
Phoenix Arizona
Portland Oregon
Salt Lake City Utah
Seattle Washington
Washington Washington
Tucson Arizona
Wichita Kansas


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