How To Get Allays To Reproduce In Minecraft

How To Get Allays To Reproduce In Minecraft:

Allays are small, friendly, flying mobs that were added in the 1.19 Wild update to Minecraft. Allays can only be found in two places: outposts of pillagers and mansions in the woods. If you pull the lever on the outside of the cell, they would then fly out.

You could indeed give them things, and if they can, they will look for and get more of those things nearby. Whoever you gave something to it will obey you wherever you go.

Every Pillager Outpost or Woodland Mansion usually has a few Allays locked up, but if you want even more, you can breed them.
The Minecraft 1.19 update added frogs, mangrove swamps, an ancient city with a guard, and more.

Even though the addition of Allay in Minecraft 1.19 was the thing that got people most excited, this cute, friendly mob is quickly becoming the most reliable friend you can have in-game.

But until recently, even after the game was released officially, there was no simple option to get more Allays besides exploring the world and finding them. But now, you can copy Allay in Minecraft to make a lot of these cute mobs quickly.

What Is A Minecraft Allay?

It is a small passive mob that appears in pillager cages in Minecraft. The Allay will fly around till a player gives it something.

If a player gives the Allay an item, it looks for other copies of that item in your world & brings them to the player. Because of this useful feature, you can use Allay in your Minecraft world in many different ways. You can do the following with an allay.

How To Farm Allays:

If you give an allay an amethyst shard while a jukebox is playing nearby, it will make a copy of itself. So, this breeding recipe needs an allay, a shard of amethyst, a jukebox, as well as a music disc.

Once you find allays at a pillager outpost or a woodland mansion, you can encourage them to follow you by giving them things. If you’d like them to stay put, you could indeed build a cell for them.

How To Find Pieces Of Amethyst:

You can get amethyst shards by mining full-grown amethyst clusters. These clusters grow on budding amethyst blocks, which are discovered inside amethyst geodes, which can be found anywhere from a depth of -58 to 30.

We discovered two amethyst geodes close to each other at -35, almost right below the Woodland Mansion where we discovered allays.

How To Obtain A Jukebox And A Music Disc:

A crafting station, 8 planks, and one diamond are all you need to make a jukebox, but it’s much harder to find a music disc. You can find different kinds of music discs in chests in Dungeons, Ancient Cities, Woodland Mansions, Buried Treasure, Strongholds, & Bastion Remnants.

An easy way to get a music disc is to trick a skeleton into killing a creeper, which makes the creeper drop a music disc.

How To Get Minecraft’s Allay To Dance:

Because of how they work with note blocks, everyone knows that Allays loves music. Even if we try to make copies of the Allay, this is still true. So, you have to put an Allaire close to a jukebox & play a music disc for it to start copying. The Allay starts dancing around the jukebox as soon as it hears music and keeps doing so until the music stops.

As the GIF above shows, the Allay moves left & right and spins around to the beat of the music. This dancing feature only works if the alley is less than 10 blocks from the jukebox.


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