How To Get All The Sheikah Slate Runes In Breath Of The Wild

How To Get All The Sheikah Slate Runes In Breath Of The Wild:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was an open-world game where players can travel the huge and beautiful land of Hyrule. The game gives players different skills that they can use to move around and solve tasks.

But the Sheikah Slate, which you get early in the game, is one of the most important tools. The Sheikah Slate was a tool which can be used for many different things and can be improved with different runes as you play the game.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Runes are magic tools that Link can use with his Sheikah Slate to do many different things. You press the up button to make them work.

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Sheikah Slate is your reliable personal friend. Even though it doesn’t have a mobile connection, it has a lot of valuable runes that can help you get to a lot of places in the world.

Still, you can update the bombs, stasis, as well as sensing runes to make them even more useful.

What Are The Runes On Sheikah Slate?

With the Sheikah Slate’s runes, players can do things like move metal items, stop time, make a tower of ice on the water, take pictures, and call forth the Master Cycle Zero. You can get these runes by doing different shrine tasks and side missions.

All Sheikah Slate Runes:


Lastly, you can get the “use amiibo” rune by going into the game’s settings and turning on the “use amiibo” option. When a player has this rune, they may utilize an amiibo to call up things. No one knows what will happen when this rune is used, and each amiibo can only be used once a day.


When you finish the Keh Namut Shrine quest, you get the Cryonis rune. This rune makes a wall of ice on the surface of the water which players may utilize as an escalator or an obstacle. The rune can also be used to break up a wall of ice.


When you finish Hatelia’s Laboratory quest, you get the Camera rune. This rune lets players take a picture of what’s around them. The pictures you take are saved in an album and are also added to the Hylian library.


You get the Magnesis rune when you finish the Oman Au Shrine mission. With this rune, you can use magnetic force to move metal items from afar. This helps when you need to move things to solve a problem or make a way through difficult terrain.

Master Cycle Zero:

When you finish the Final Trial within The Champions DLC, you get the Master Cycle Zero rune. Players can call on Master Cycle Zero with this rune.

When you put things in the tank, they will be turned into energy. Players may have it show up whenever they desire, except in particular places.

Remote Bombs:

When you finish the Ja Baij Shrine quest, you get the Remote Bombs rune. With these rune, players can use a remote control to set off deadly bombs.

You can use these bombs to hurt your enemies or destroy things. After changing the rune to Remote Bombs+, the bombs become stronger and take less time to refresh.


You get the Stasis rune when you finish the Owa Daim Shrine mission. With this rune, players can stop things from working.

When an item is hit while it is motionless, it will store up kinetic energy, which it will then give off when the effect goes off. When the rune is upgraded to Stasis+, players are able to prevent bad things from moving.


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