How To Get All The Map Improvements In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

How To Get All The Map Improvements In Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a lot like its predecessor in that it has a tone of fresh secrets, upgrades, as well as collectibles that you’ll want to find on your trip. But it can be hard to find them all, especially if you haven’t yet unlocked the map update that goes with each type of treasure.

When you play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you can find a lot of items all over the different worlds and places you visit. These collectibles are hard to find because they are well hidden in the game. You can improve your plan, though, so that it’s easier to identify them.

Since there are so many things to do and places to go in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, it can be hard to maintain track of everything.

In fact, once Cal Kestis gets new skills and technology, the world will become even more open to him. This will make old places even more fun to go back to because players will be able to find new wonders and prizes every now and then.

To make things easy, you should try to get every map upgrade as quickly as possible in Jedi: Survivor by going to certain places on different worlds.

You’ll also find new paths, shortcuts, as well as secrets along the way that will improve Cal’s skills and make it easier to explore these places in the future.

Where Each Map Upgrade Can Be Found:

In Jedi: Survivor, there are 5 Map Upgrades that you can find and use. How you unlock them will require a long time, and they’ll probably happen after you’ve finished the game’s main story.

However, this makes it a lot simpler to find all the items you need to find on Koboh as well as the additional worlds. It additionally assists to have a number of skills that become available as you move through the game.

I found that the best time to start looking for these upgrades was at the conclusion of the game.

Going shortly after them too soon could be annoying, and it was a lot easier for me to have all of Cal Kestis’s movement skills, which I could only get by finishing the main mission of Jedi: Survivor.

There are five ways to improve a map in Jedi: Survivor is about a different kind of gathering. There are improvements for Treasure Locations, Seed Pod Locations, Force Essence Locations, and Databank listings.

How To Obtain The Upgrade For The Chest Map:

Players need to get as many chests as they can because they have all kinds of customization things and even a few perks in them. You can find the chest map update in the strange Phon’Qi Caverns.

Go to Foothill Falls as well as use the Relter to fly down to a shack that has been abandoned. If you go down the hole, your path will be straight.

Use the acid balls that develop on the walls to get rid of the purple electrical hurdles that are in your way. Eventually, you’ll have to fight three Bedlam Raiders with lightsabers.

If you can beat them, the map update station will be right next to them. The update will show all boxes, surprise cannisters, as well as BD-1 slice improvements that are available.

How To Get The Upgrade To The Databank Map:

The Databanks Map Improvement is easy to find on Nova Garon. All you have to do is play through the story of Jedi: Survivor until the fifteenth main task, “Nova Garon: Find the Traitor,” which is in the Central Command area.

During this task, Lank Denvik comes up to you, and you find yourself fighting him. After you’ve defeated Lank, you can go back to his desk in the Central Command room to find a new computer.

Slice BD-1 into the interface to get the Databanks Map Upgrade, which will let your Holomap show all of the available Databank data.

How To Get The Upgrade To The Force Essence Map:

Essences are vibrant blue orbs that are arguably the most significant item to collect in Jedi: Survivor. They can be used to earn skill points, max strength upgrades, and other benefits that will improve Cal’s powers and fighting skills. As you might expect, all of the conditions for finding them are tough.

You have to finish each of the seven Jedi Meditation Chambers before you can get the Essences Map Upgrade. Once you’ve done this brave thing, just go back to the Alignment Control Centre within Koboh’s Untamed Downs.

Every computer window will show a green screen rather than a red one if you’ve finished each job.

How To Upgrade To The Seed Pod Map:

This one is easy to get, and all you need is a green thumb. Once players have hired Pili Wade as a gardener on Jedha, they can go back to Pyloon’s Saloon as well as begin tending to the rooftop garden.

Cut down plants within the wild that have fireflies on them to get seeds, so fill up every empty space in the garden. Take some time off, and when everything has grown, you’ll be able to use another piece of the yard.

Repeat, until the whole roof is full of plants, the end near the edge of the roof won’t have any more vines on it. If you touch it, BD-1 will be improved, as well as the map will indicate where all the seed pods are.

How To Upgrade To The Treasure Map:

This is probably going to take the most time, since there are a lot of steps to make this map update available.

Look for the Wayfinder’s Tomb on the desert planet Jedha. The tomb has been locked from the very beginning, and the hints lead you to three places in the area that can help you open it.

Players will have to go to the Path of Conviction, the Path of Persistence, as well as the Path of Restoration to solve a puzzle that involves moving a metal ball to the top of the building.

There are schedules and shifting parts to keep track of, and when the ball gets to the top, you have to send it to where it will stay. At the Wayfinder’s Tomb, there will be changes.

After you’ve done all three, go back to the tomb and utilize the lift down to locate the computer with the map update. This will then bring up on the map all of the most important Shards, Data discs, and various other Treasures.


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