How To Get All The Garden Plots In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

How To Get All The Garden Plots In Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

Jedi Survivor will be fun to play for a long time after you finish the main story if you look for all of the bonus and useful content. Unlocking the garden and making sure you have yard plots to use is an enjoyable excuse to try something new.

When you’re ready to go this way, you’ll need to reach a maximum of four plots above Pyloon’s Saloon so you are able to plant all your seeds.

You ought to have already had one seed when you started, and once you get the gardener, you can get more. In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you’ll need to know how to open all yard plots to do this.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a lot of extra things to do. One of these was planting, which is a good way to use the seeds you’ve found.

Still, you may be thinking if there’s a way to find more room for your plants. Here’s how to get garden plots within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor with our guide.

You’ll require it for the medal and award called “Growth Spurt.” One of the most important parts of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor are the souvenirs and extra things you can do.

Even though the credits have rolled, there is still a lot to do, and you may be working on many of them before you finish the game, like opening the yard and fields.

You can put seeds in any of the four spots in the yard above Pyloon’s Saloon. You start with one, and once you hire the gardener, the other ones will become available, but it’s not clear how to do this.

How To Obtain All Of The Garden Plots:

The first step is to find a handyman to work for you. They are called Pili, and during the Jedi: Survivor mission, you will discover them on Jedha.

You have to go through the main story to find Pili. When you’re helping Merrin fight off the Imperials who are targeting the Jedha temple, you are able to locate Pili before you go inside the temple. They are going to be on Jedha, on the Windy Mesa.

Now that you are a gardener, talk to them at the very top of Pyloon’s Saloon, so they will start growing your garden plots. When you open them, you’ll get the second plot. The last two plots are the hardest to begin using within Jedi: Survivor.

The only way to get more garden plots was to find at least a single seed pod from every plant type that you can put in the garden.

There are 10 types of plants in Jedi: Survivor, while you can find them in different places. Here is a list of where each type of seed can be found during your mission.

Bluebell Squish There is one on the south side of the Stables in Rambler’s Reach Outpost
Cactus Ball This is also a seed you can find in the Gorge Crash Site
Crimson Jelly Spire You can find this at the Devastated Settlement, close to the area’s starting Meditation Point
Fire Pineapple You can find one in the tar pits in the Gorge Crash Site
Goldenlight Moss This Seed Pod will appear in the Swindler’s Wash region
Koboh Spiker This Seed Pod appears in the Mountain Ascent region at the entrance to Summit Ridge
Palm Fruit Shell You can find this Seed Pod while exploring Harvest Ridge
Pine Fern You can find one at the top of Pyloon’s Saloon
Spine Fluff This Seed Pod appears in the Untamed Downs region
Tuber Maw You can find a Seed Pod in the Southern Reach region

Once you have at least one of each type of plant in Jedi: Survivor, you can go back to the garden and put them in one of the spots. Then you have to wait. Before you can count them and add them to your database, they have to be fully grown.

In Jedi: Survivor, once they have reached adulthood, the last yard area will open and a computer will be available. This computer gives your holo-map an update, so you are able to locate any seed pods you haven’t found yet.


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