How To Get All Of The Arcana Cards In Vampire Survivors

How To Get All Of The Arcana Cards In Vampire Survivors:

In Vampire Survivors, you are constantly trying to get stronger so you can fight off the hordes of monster enemies that are coming at you. When things are getting tough, you want all the help you can get.

Considering this, you should be excited about Arcanas. Here’s how to get all of the Vampire Survivors Arcana Cards and what they do.

Vampire Survivors has simple controls and complex item choices, and random events make sure that no two runs are the same. With the help of Arcanas, you could indeed equip strong passive bonuses that can make a big difference in how you play or open up new ways for items to work together.

There Is Total 22 Arcanas Card In Game:

You can unlock a total of 22 Arcanas, but you can only use three of them on each run, with a few exceptions. From the character choose screen, you can turn Arcanas on or off completely.

Below, we’ll take a glance at how to unlock the Randomazzo so that Arcanas can be used, as well as how to unlock each unique Arcana.

You can get each one by reaching level 50 with a certain character in a run or by getting to the 31st minute on some stages.

Every Arcana Card:

Card name

Card Name


How To Unlock

1 Game Killer Stops you from leveling up, experience gems become exploding projectiles, and treasure chests always give at least three items Defeat The Ender on Cappella Magna
2 Gemini Peachone, Ebony Wings, Vandalier, Phiera Der Tuphello, Eight The Sparrow, Phieraggi, Gatti Amari, Vicious Hunger, and Nduja Fritta Tanto all get a counterpart Get to level 50 with Pugnala
3 Twilight Requiem King Bible, Unholy Vespers, Lightning Ring, Thunder Loop, Peachone, Ebony Wings, Runetracer, Shadow Pinion, Bone, Celestial Dusting, Bi-Bracelet, Silver Wind, and Festive Winds explode when they run out Get to level 50 with Dommario
4 Tragic Princess Garlic, Soul Eater, Santa Water, La Borra, Lightning Ring, Thunder Loop, and Carréllo have reduced cooldowns when moving Get to level 50 with Porta
5 Awake You are given three Revivals, each one increasing your health, armour, area, might, speed, and duration Get to level 50 with Krochi
6 Chaos in the Dark Night Projectile speed shifts between -50% and +50% over ten seconds, you gain 1% projectile speed with every level up Get to level 50 with Giovanna
7 Sarabande of Healing You get double healing from all sources, when you receive healing, a force of energy hurts nearby enemies Unlocked when you get the Randomazzo
8 Iron Blue Will Knife, Thousand Edge, Axe, Death Spiral, Phiera Der Tuphello, Eight The Sparrow, and Carréllo all bounce up to three times and might move through walls and enemies Get to level 50 with Generro
9 Mad Groove All stage items, pick-ups, and light sources are pulled to the character every two minutes Get to minute 31 in Mad Forest or defeat Death
10 Divine Bloodline Armour gains affect your damage and reflects enemy damage, you get bonus damage determined by your missing health, defeating enemies with this damage will give you health back Reach level 50 with Clerici
11 Beginning Your starting weapon gets an additional projectile to throw and +3 on evolution Get to level 50 with Antonio
12 Waltz of Pearls Magic Wand, Holy Wand, Fire Wand, Hellfire, Cross, Heaven Sword, and Carréllo get up to three bounces Get to level 50 with Imelda
13 Out of Bounds Freezing enemies will explode them, Orologions are easier to find Get to minute 31 in Gallo Tower or defeat Death
14 Wicked Season You gain +1% Growth, Luck, Greed, and Curse every 2 levels Get to level 50 with Christine
15 Jail of Crystal Magic Wand, Holy Wand, Runetracer, NO FUTURE, Eight The Sparrow, Twice Upon a Time, Cygnus, and Bracelet can freeze enemies Get to level 50 with Pasqualina
16 Disco of Gold Gold Fever triggers when you pick up gold bags from the ground, also gain health alongside the gold gained Get to minute 31 on Inlaid Library or defeat Death
17 Slash Knife, Thousand Edge, Whip, Bloody Tear, Axe, Death Spiral, Heaven Sword, Vento Sacro, Fuwalafuwaloo, Victory Sword, and Muramasa all get critical hits, critical damage overall is doubled Get to level 50 with Lama
18 Lost & Found Painting Duration changes between -50% and +50% over 10 seconds, you gain +1% duration every level Get to level 50 with Poppea
19 Boogaloo of Illusions Area changes between -25% and +25% over 10 seconds, you gain +1% area every level Get to level 50 with Concetta
20 Heart of Fire Fire Wand, Hellfire, Valkyrie Turner, Phiera Der Tuphello, Red Muscle, Zhar Ptytsia, Tri-Bracelet, light sources, and you when you are damaged, all explode Get to level 50 with Arca
21 Silent Old Sanctuary Get three Rerolls, Skips, and Banishes, gain 20% Might and -7% Cooldown for each active weapon slot that is empty Reach minute 31 in Dairy Plant or defeat Death
22 Blood Astronomia Garlic, Soul Eater, Pentagram, Gorgeous Moon, Song of Mana, Mannajja, Clock Lancet, and Laurel all have special damaging zones Get to level 50 with Poe

On the main menu, you also can unleash the Randomazzo by typing randomazzami. Also, nobody got time for that will give you access to the Arcanas that you need to get to in order to get to minute 31.

How To Get Access To Arcana:

To get into the Arcana card system, you need to find the Relic called Randomazzo and bring it back. You can find Randomazzo if you load into the Gallo Tower stage & head north.

If you find the Milky Way Map Relic before you go looking for Randomazzo, a green arrow would then direct you in the correct direction.

Randomazzo only needs to be found once for the Arcana system linked to the special item to be unlocked for good. Several enemies will guard the Relic with something like a Clock Lancet that slows your movement speed by a lot.

Even though these enemies don’t pose much of a threat on their own, you ought to remain pretty high level when trying to get the item because your slower Move-Speed makes you vulnerable to the horde.

What The Arcana Means:

Once you’ve discovered the Randomazzo, you’ll start each run by choosing an Arcanas, or you can click the blue question mark button to get a random card.

You’ll start the match with the bonus your chosen Arcana gives you, and if you can last until about 11 minutes, a high-level enemy will appear and, when killed, drop a chest with 4 different Arcanas to choose from.

If the cards are in your favor & you make it to 21 minutes, you’ll fight a high-level enemy again for the chance to choose your third and final Arcana from a pool of 4 randomly drawn cards.


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