How To Finish Zakusu Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish Zakusu Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Want to know how to get into and finish Zelda Tears of the Kingdom’s Zakusu Shrine? The long-awaited follow-up to Zelda is now a huge hit. This is not strange, since there are a lot of things to do in the game, like tasks and Shrines.

You can solve tasks or fight enemies in the Shrines to get important loot as well as the Light of Blessing. But some can be hard to understand. So, keep reading to learn how to unlock Proving Grounds: Ascension and finish it in Tears of the Kingdom.

Our guide will assist you discover the Zakusu Shrine and walk you via the “High Spring as well as the Light Rings” shrine mission so you can get the chest and the Light of Blessing.

To get to the Zakusu Shrine, you need to have a level 2 cold protection and finish the “High Spring as well as the Light Rings” shrine adventure.

Link will slide through mud and carry big rocks in Tears of the Kingdom’s shrines, and Zakusu Shrine will make him snowboard down Mount Lanayru.

In this game, he has grown into a master of many skills. He even managed to make us wish that SSX Tricky would come back on new platforms. Still, this shrine is hard to get into and finish, but this plan will help you.

How To Get Into The Zakusu Shrine In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom:

The Zakusu Shrine represents one of the tasks that is hardest to find. Even with your Shrine of Light Sensor, you won’t be able to find it until you finish a certain quest. So, go to Mount Lanayru, where you’ll find an NPC named Nazbi near the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower.

Talk to him to begin the quest The High Spring as well as Light Rings. Then employ the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower to propel yourself into the sky. Fly to the island in the south where the water is shaped like a half-ring.

You might have seen the green signs on the island at the entrances of various Shrines. Use it, and then use the slide to surf the screen. After that, you’ll need to go down Mount Lanayru after getting the green light.

You have to make use of the surf shield again on the mountain to get via the green rings before time runs out. It will finish the task The High Spring as well as Light Rings and make the Zakusu Shrine within Tears of the Kingdom accessible.

How To Finish “High Spring” And “Light Rings”:

Go to the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower, which is on the eastern side of Hyrule. The Spring of Wisdom is to the east of the Skyview Tower.

To begin the “High Spring as well as the Light Rings” shrine quest, talk to Nazbi at the opening to the Spring of Wisdom. Go back to the Skyview Tower on Mount Lanayru and use it to take off.

Fly to the Sky Island, which is southeast of the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower. On this Sky Island, there’s an altar that looks like the ones in front of churches. When you talk to the altar, a short movie will start and show you a light ring.

Look to your left and pick up the sledge shield that is leaning against the wall. Put on the sledge shield and shield surf down the snowy slope via the light ring.

Before you reach the ground, open your paraglider, and then keep snowboarding through every LED ring. Seven light rings are all together, such as the one on Sky Island. Once you’ve made it through each of the seven light rings, you’ll be able to see the Zakusu Shrine.

How To Fix Zakusu Shrine:

It might look like the test at this shrine is about how strong you are, but it’s really about how you use the resources.

First, get the guns, bow, and arrows on the left side of the screen. Then, go to where the rollercoaster platform starts to go down and utilise Recall to have it go back up.

Once you are upstairs, get some of the burning fruit that is close by. Use them to hit the closest Construct right in the head. Once it’s dead, take its sharp level-14 blade and old level-14 shield. Give them the tools they need to do more damage.

There are additionally additional three Construct Soldiers in the levels that come after this one. Either shoot them with arrows or go down and use the spiked tool to kill them.

After that, go up one floor through the raft until you reach the northeast corner. There are shock bullets on a Captain Construct as well as a Soldier Construct.

The best way to defend yourself is to employ an Ultrahand to combine the two spiked metal planks close by and employ them as a homemade defiance.

Then, as you get closer to the enemy, take the flame generator and put it on the spiked cover. This will maintain you safe and kill your enemies by setting them on fire.

When everything Construct enemies are completely defeated, your things will go back to your collection. Go to the last room, open the box, and take one more Light of Blessing from inside.


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