How To Finish Wind Temple And Get All Gears In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish Wind Temple And Get All Gears In Tears Of The Kingdom:

As part of the Tulin of Rito Village quest within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll need to defeat the Wind Temple, a dungeon in the shape of a moving ship in the sky. This will happen after you meet up with Tulin and climb up the sky islands.

You’ll have to turn five gears, not four like in some of the other temples, to open the ship’s hatch. Tulin is going to be there to help by making gusts of wind that will open the doors.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Wind Temple is one of the few large levels you’ll have to finish. It’s related to one of the story’s main goals,

and you’ll be able to do it after going to Rito Village and getting Tulin on your side. Tulin was wanting to find out more about the huge storm that’s been circling the village and the Hebra Mountains.

Once you and Tulin get to the Wind Temple, you’ll just have to turn the five gears that are blocking the way in and figure out where the snow is coming from.

It is very hard to find these five gears, but we have mapped out where they are and can tell you how to get to them within Tears of the Kingdom.

Where To Look For All Gears:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, when you and Tulin turn on the Wind Temple, the main part of the temple is held in place by five gears. You’ll need to find these five gears along with Tulin’s special skill to get the engines going again.

The gears are marked on the map, but each one is covered by a different problem. Let’s start with the one near the middle of Tears of the Kingdom’s Wind Temple.

First Lock:

Behind the Zonai platform, there are two gates, and next to each one is a switch. One of the buttons doesn’t work, but the other one does.

Use Ultra-hand to move the handle without breaking it and get into the room it opens. Inside, you’ll discover a Zonai with a Flame-Emitter Spear. If you do not possess any other Flame-Emitter gear, it’s very important to pick this up.

There additionally exists a chest with an opal in it and two boxes with arrows in them. Now you have to replace the broken button that is next to the first one. Pick up one of the close icicles on the ground using Ultrahand.

Attach this to the cracked lever handle, and then you can use the lever properly again with Ultrahand. You’ll discover the first lock inside. If you tell Tulin to apply Gust on it, it will get stronger.

The Second Lock:

Go to the right side of the Wind Temple to reach your next goal. If you look over the back of the ark, you should be able to see some stairs that lead into the temple. Most of them are locked right now, but some are open.

Your goal is at the locations -2907, 3018, as well as 1486 . To get to the hole, you’ll have to slide off the outermost portion of the building and quickly turn around.

Once you get inside, watch out for a group of Keese. Kill them and begin to look around. If you melt the nearby block of ice, you’ll find some Zonai tools inside.

As you walk into the temple, there is a gap to your right. With the assistance of Tulin’s wind power, you can fly over the opening and get to the other side. Use Ultrahand to move the switch on the other side to open the window nearby in the event you’re unable to come back.

Go to the conclusion of this hallway, fight the Zonai there, then utilise Ascend to get to the next level. You’ll find yourself in another hallway with a gadget, a door, and a ladder at the end.

Find a nearby rock and hook it to the rod hanging from the ceiling to solve this puzzle. Turning this block with Ultrahand unlocks the gate beyond the stairs. But when you let go, the slab will turn around and close the gate.

Use the spell “Recall” on the slab to move it one more time, and then use this time to get through the gate. At the top of the stairs, there is a Keese as well as a second lock, which Tulin should open.

Third Lock:

Go back to the window you used to get to this puzzle and glide down to a single of the ship’s oars instead of jumping over the gap with the device. You can glide from here to the elevated area under the ship. There’s an enemy as well as a lock here; you need to deal with both of them.

Go back inside the temple by jumping over the nearby gap. The red lasers you may have seen earlier will be close by. Kill the enemy before you carefully avoid the lasers by ducking under them and jumping over them. A gem is in the chest at the very end of the hall.

The 4th Lock:

Once these locks are open, go to the middle of the Wind Temple and utilize your paraglider to fly up into the air on the huge updraft. Move to the highest point of the very big building to the north. Here, employ Ultra-hand to lift the doors and uncover a drop filled with lasers.

Skydive down this tube, dodging the flames as best you can. There are several alcoves in the tunnel. One of them has a box with a soldier blade in it, and the other has the fourth lock. Use Tulin’s Gust to turn it on. Use your paraglider to ride the updraft to get out.

Fifth Lock:

To get this last lock, you have to jump off the outer edge of the Wind Temple then climb back into it through a side window. In this case. Your goal is at the locations -2811, 2949, as well as 1489 . Go there and drop off the edge. You’ll land in a frozen window with icicles hanging from it.

Defeat the Keese close and head north to the wheel of bars that turns. You can ride the wheel to the other side if you use Recall to change its direction. There is a Zonai here; you should kill it.

The cogs that turn on the brick wall to your left as you face the gate are the key to this puzzle. Shoot one of the long icicles hanging from the sky to solve the problem.

Use Ultra-hand To Move Ice BlockĀ  And Put It Between 2 Pair Of Cogs To Connect Them:

Use Ultra-hand to shift this piece of ice between the two pairs of cogs to connect them. Place it so that when it connects, it turns the other side with force. Once an icicle has reached the right place, a close gate will open, letting you through to the last lock.

To get return to the upper deck, glide to the flying boat outside the window as well as jump on top of it to be released into the air. You can just fly to the deck from here.

How To Open Hatch:

Use the Zonai Device to open the hatch as well as face off against Colgera, the boss of this level. Before you do this, you may wish to make sure that you’ve got a lot of bullets and fire food.


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