How To Finish White Goats Gone Missing In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish White Goats Gone Missing In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, you and Penn will work together to find Princess Zelda. This writer for the Lucky Clover Gazette will give you side quests at horse barns all over Hyrule. You’ll discover him talking to a goat herder when you get to Tabantha Bridge Stable.

Zelda provided him a recipe for goat food, but the goats have since left. You need to figure out where they are and what’s in the bottle. If you recognize where to look, this isn’t too hard. Here’s how to finish White Goats Gone Missing within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Link meets his reporter friend Penn down in the Faron area. Penn is looking for some lost White Goats. Link is looking for news to put in the Lucky Clover Gazette.

The White Goats from the local stable have run away, and now it’s up to Link to locate them and Princess Zelda’s lost recipe for animal food.

They are no longer there. The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has a lost side quest that brings Link and Penn together to solve another secret that might have something to do with where Princess Zelda is.

This serves as a must-find quest for anyone who wants to improve their name with the Lucky Gazette. I was actually able to locate the White Goats Gone Missing by looking around Hyrule’s many barns.

There are a few important things you need to do to finish this quest, which could be hard for some players. Here’s what you need to know to finish the White Goats Gone Missing sub task within Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Begin The White Goats Gone Missing Task:

“White Goats Gone Missing” was a side task that is part of the “Potential Princess Sightings” storyline. It can be done once you’ve been to the Clover HQ southeast of Rito Village, so go there first if you haven’t already.

When you’re ready to start the quest, go to the Tabantha Bridge Stable and search to the south-east for a goat pen that looks strangely empty.

Chork’s white goats, which he fed with Princess Zelda’s special mix of whole, unground Hylian Pine Cones, seem to have been stolen. Or at least that’s what he thinks the recipe was, since he lost it.

Where The Goats Are:

As I started to follow the initial line of Hylian Pine Cones, I saw that they were making a path. In Tears of the Kingdom, these started to lead me east of the Tabantha Bridge Stable, toward the Seres Scablands.

I followed the path of Hylian Pine Cones until I found where they came from: the White Goats who were missing.

They were all grouped together in the middle of the Seres Scablands. But that wasn’t enough to finish such Tears of the Kingdom task. I had to go into the center of their group as well as talk to the bottle they were all standing around. This made Chork appear, happy that we had found them.

Chork was following Princess Zelda’s recipe, but the goats were gathered surrounding it, showing that he had been doing it wrong. He wasn’t supposed to give them whole pine cones; he was supposed to crush them instead.

After he realized he had made a mistake, he led his group back towards the horse stable. Penn soon showed up, just as he enjoyed for other side quests involving Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom. Penn saw everything, so we figured out what happened to the White Goats.

Now that the case was over, he gave us our payment for helping him at the Lucky Gazette, indicating that was the conclusion of this adventure within Tears of the Kingdom. But you can do other quests with Penn in the game that are hidden at the other farms.


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