How To Finish The Splinter In Horizon Unrestricted

How To Finish The Splinter In Horizon Unrestricted:

When you first start the Burning Shores DLC for Horizon: Forbidden West, it feels like a lot is going on. There is a whole area to discover, and it’s challenging to figure out where to begin.

“Burning Shores,” the new DLC add-on for Horizon: Forbidden West, is now out. In the new story adventure, the main character, Aloy, goes to a group of volcanic islands in what used to be called Los Angeles.

This dangerous trip takes you to beautiful places and introduces you to new people. As usual, Horizon: Forbidden West fans can look forward to a lot of new things to do. The Splinter Within is one of the first side quests Aloy will come across.

Horizon: Forbidden West: Burning Shores adds a whole new part of the map that can be played after the main game is finished.

Along with the new region, there are additionally new machines to battle, new people to meet, as well as novel issues to solve. One trouble is a Quen Marine called Theoa as well as a small revolt that is starting to form.

The Side Quest The Splinter Within:

Below, we’ve explained every phase of The Splinter Within side mission as well as answered any questions you might have while doing it.

How To Begin The Side Quest Splinter Within:

Talk to Theoa to begin “The Splinter Within” side quest. She is one of the Quen within Fleet’s End. When you first meet her, compliance officers are going through her things.

If you talk to her, she will tell Aloy about meeting her later by a nearby campfire. This starts with the mission, and if you talk to her at the campfire, you’ll find out more about what’s you have to do as well as where you need to go.

To Meet Rokomo, Sail To The East Island:

When you talk to Theoa, you’ll have two places to go. Go to the shore as well as jump into Seyka’s boat, which should have an icon on the screen.

Apply this to sail to the east island, which is the much closer of the two goal marks. When you get there, you’ll see a few devices that are angry because someone is standing on a bridge that has been broken.

Use this delay to hit as many of the machines as possible with a lot of damage, and then fight them until they’re all dead.

These are high-level tools that will test even the most skilled players. So take your time and employ your best tools to kill them as quickly as you can so they can’t all attack you at once.

Once the machines are dead, Rokomo is going to launch a ladder down so you can meet him. He’ll tell you what happened from his point of view and provide you a new goal to aim for with Enki’s Focus. From here, you should go get the focus first because it is the easier of the two goals.

Find Enki’s Attention:

Rokomo tells you that Enki’s Focus fell into the water and gives you a general idea of where it might be. You’ll find a tornado within the centre of the sea if you sail there.

You need to get out of the boat and look around in the water. When you do, you’ll see a Tideripper stuck in a loop of moving in a circle.

On its tail, there is a bag full of trash that was caught there. If you use your Focus to look through the net, you’ll see that Enki’s Focus is also caught in it.

How To Catch Enki’s Attention:

To get Enki’s attention, you have to swim down to where the Tideripper is swimming around the road. Then, wait until the machine swims past you, then swim out and aim for the tail.

When you’re close enough, you will receive a message telling you to grab it. As soon as you see the button, press it. Aloy ought to grab the net and take Enki’s attention away. You can go back to the boat after that.

Look For People Who Made It Off The Island.

The western island is the last place to go. If you sail there, you’ll find that there are no people there at all. Only three Watering’s are moving, and you have to kill them all to get to where the Quen were.

The Burning Shores DLC added a new machine called Water Wings, and it’s not easy to fight them. They are fast both in the air as well as on the ground, and their strikes have two parts.

This means you have to pay attention to how they move as well as duck at the right times if you don’t want to get hurt. As with most robots, the most effective way to kill them is through shoot off their parts as well as hit them with your strongest guns.

We like to use tear arrows and anything else that causes tear or shear damage so that we can acquire as many parts as possible from each battle. Explosions are also good against water wings because damage throws them off their attack routine.

Once the water wings are gone, Aloy will have to look into where they nested. There are dead Quen everywhere, so if you use your Focus to scan them, you’ll start to see what really happened here.

It’s easy to find the pictures. You look at the dead person first, then the bedrolls, and then the things close by.

Lastly, Aloy will have to take a path to a dead Quen. This one changes the story a lot because it shows that Rokomo lied. Once you’ve found out all of this, the last thing you’ll need to do on this island is to get the map data.

How To Get Map Information:

The map information is in the house that is broken down on this island. When you get close to it, you’ll see that one side has a fountain that shoots water up every so often.

From this side is where you need to mount it. Unlike the climbing tasks in the base game, you have to jump and release Aloy’s flyer to get her high sufficient to grab one of the points above.

Aloy’s Focus will show you the way to the rising points. When you fall, you have to use the point above you to pull yourself forward. There’s also a second landing that’s pretty scary, where you have to use a waterfall and the glider to navigate across another gap.

At the top of the structure is a screen that Aloy can use to get the map information she needs to get back to Theoa. You can then sail back to Fleet’s End to finish the quest.

When you arrive, Aloy will talk to Rokomo and then check on Theoa, who is scheduled to be taken by compliance officers. Lucky for her, Rokomo turns himself within at the last minute to save her. Then, Aloy gives Theoa Enki’s Focus, which already has the map info that she got.

You will get the Imperial Gold Dye as well as the Quen Deadeye Outfit when you finish this quest. The Quen Deadeye Outfit is one of the new clothes that came with the Burning Shores DLC. It’s a great outfit for players who like to sneak up on enemies and hit them with pinpoint accuracy.

Check out our hub guide to find out everything you need to know about the new things in this DLC, such as gifts and other difficult quests.


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