How To Finish The Quest A Wife Wafted Away In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish The Quest A Wife Wafted Away In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Want to know how to finish Zelda Tears of the Kingdom’s Wife Wafted Away extra quest? Once you’ve finished the Water Temple and gotten the Sage of Water Sidon’s help, you’ll keep helping the watery Zora race.

Obviously, quests like “The Never-Ending Lecture” that give you good protection are more appealing.

But sometimes you have to assist the character with their relationships with other people. So, if you’re ready to assist Fronk find his wife, we’ll show you how to finish the A Wife Wafted Away quest within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom game.

When Link is close within Tears of the Kingdom, the Zora area goes through a lot of changes. They kick that nasty sludge out of the precious seas and even make a new king. A girl called Mei chooses to escape in the middle of all this happy chaos.

As if saving the whole country wasn’t enough, Mei’s husband Fronk kindly begs Link to go upon a wild goose chase to locate his lost wife. Because, well, being a hero is just not hard enough.

A Wife Wafted Away was a side quest that players may pick up while they are within the Zora Domain. It’s about a worried man named Zora who is looking for his wife, Mei, who seems to be nowhere in the area.

Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, this guide tells you where to find Mei and how to finish the side quest to get a special cooked meal.

How To Begin A Wife Wafted Away Qest:

To unlock A Wife Wafted Away, players must have started the main story quests Regional Phenomena as well as Sidon of the Zora. In the far east of Hyrule, near the Lanayru Sea, is the Zora Domain. When you unlock the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower, the map shows where it is.

Once gamers arrive at the domain and check out the purple sludge in the water, they are going to run into a Zora named Fronk who is hanging on the bridge in front of the Sidon and Link figures 3289, 0440, and 0139. To begin A Wife Wafted Away, the player must talk to Fronk.

Location Of Mei:

Fronk is worried about his lost wife Mei as well as asks players to assist him look for her. He doesn’t understand much about where she is, but he last saw her singing regarding going to a floating place on the eastern bridge.

One of the numerous Sky Islands that float above Zora’s Domain is the place she was talking about. In particular, one near the Water Temple, which is found in Sidon of the Zora task.

Mei Lives On The Wellspring Island:

Mei lives on the Wellspring Islands, which are just south of the Water Temple. Rapid travel to the Water Temple or one of the surrounding shrines is the fastest way to get there, but players can also use waterfalls while wearing Zora armor to get to the Sky Islands.

Players will find Mei fishing for Hyrule Bass in a small pool at 3669, 0569, and 1251. Link tells her that he’s worried, but she goes right away to talk to Fronk. Then, players must go back to where Fronk is within the Zora Domain to complete the side quest.

What You Get In Reward?

When they get back together, they’ll give Link a Hearty Bass Meal as a thank-you for all his help.


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