How To Finish The For His Amusement Of Burning Shores DLC In Horizon

How To Finish The For His Amusement Of Burning Shores DLC In Horizon:

Horizon: Forbidden West: Burning Shores has a unique fourth main quest, even among all the strange sites that Aloy has visited.

In this adventure, you’ll go to a virtual amusement park with dinosaurs as the theme. Remember without become caught up in the show, even though there are risky followers and ghosts that jump around.

Aloy and Seyka figure out how to get to the ruins of an amusement park that Londra is employing as a base after they find out about some of his plans.

It is well protected, and if you try to fly or utilize a boat to get there, you will fail. This guide will show players of Horizon: Forbidden West how to finish ‘For His Amusement,’ the fourth task of Burning Shores.

How To Finish For His Amusement:

After you go to the beach to meet up with Seyka, you’ll start For His Amusement. This is where she as well as Aloy agree that, for the good of the Quen, they have to put everything else aside.

How To Fly Over A Water Wing:

Your first job is to take control of a water wing so that you are able to fly over the sea to London’s base of operations. You require a water wing because there’s another tower out at sea that shoots anything that gets close out of the sky.

They can avoid the blasts by flying under the water. Aloy can’t get the fix because there isn’t a pot close by.

After talking to Beta, it becomes clear that a bypass can be made by taking a wing membrane as well as a ballast control from some water wings out into the water.

How To Obtain A Life Jacket:

You have to take off or sail out to the map point to find a water wing load adjuster and wing membrane. It’s in the ocean, and the things you need are under the water. No live water wing can give you one.

Dive under the water and use Aloy’s Focus to find the bodies of water wings. These look like dead tools, and you can search about five of them in this area.

On a water wing, we found the ballast control just to the left of the middle of the circle on the map below. As you look for these parts, you’ll have to watch out for snapmaws. There are a lot of Quen ships that have sunk and have ballistas you may employ to kill them.

One shot can take out a machine, so you should pay attention to them if you’re being chased hard. Beta will call Aloy when she has all of these parts and send her the fix.

We were hoping for another pot for the Burning Shores DLC, but something else comes along later to make up for it. You need to ride a water wing from here.

The quest will send you to a beach where Water Wings hang out, so you have to choose one. We stayed to the left of the beach because this is where a water wing lands by itself, which made it easy to overtake.

To Get To London’s Island, You Have To Go By The Tower:

Now that you have a Water Wing mount, you need to fly past the tower in order to get to Londra’s island. This starts right away, so you have to figure out how it works quickly. Aloy gave Seyka her rebreather, so she can only stay under water for a short time.

When the tower shoots rockets, an alarm will sound. Wait about a second, and then jump under the water. The rockets will go off at the ground level.

On your way, you will have to fly over a few spots of open water. Move as quickly as you can across these or you’ll take too many hits. If Aloy jumps into the water too soon, he will die. Dive too late, and everybody dies. If you time it right, you’ll be there before you know it.

There Are Quen Quards As Well As A Huge Wall In Your Way:

You can do some exploring now that you’re on the island. You won’t have to walk for long before you run into some Quen guards as well as a huge wall that blocks your path into the park. To proceed past the block, you have to keep looking to the right of it.

At some point, you’ll find an opening you are able to pass through. Keep an eye out for a ladder on your left. You’ll need to climb it. Use your pull caster to pull down the nearby beam so you are able to jump onto it and then onto the ladder.

Check Out The Place That Jurassic Park Was Based On:

After you reach the park via the structure that you find, you are free to look around. It’s an open area that looks a lot like Jurassic Park. Aloy as well as Seyka will talk about all the virtual dinosaurs there.

But once you approach Raptor Raid, which is shown on the map below, the game will move forward. When you get within, Seyka is going to see her sister, Kina. Aloy keeps her back until most of the Quen have gone, but if you want to move forward, you’ll have to fight.

What Are The Negative Points Of Raptor Raid’s Enemies?

Plasma power is weak against enemies in Raptor Raid, so use as much of it that you can.

You Must Open The Volcano’s Door:

After meeting with the Quen enemies in Raptor Raid, you’ll go to the volcano, where Walter will be taking all of his faves. It’s locked, though, so you’ll need find an opportunity to open it.

You can get in through a close building called the Armoury. To get inside, you use the key you got from the largest Quen enemy earlier.

Be Sure To Look Around The Armoury:

Before you are able to anything else, you have to look around the armoury. Take the time to look at everything while looking at the data points so you can understand what’s going on. Then, go to the corner of the storage shelves and pull open a vent to crawl inside.

This takes you to a new basement area with some Zenith technology. Because it’s turned off, you don’t know what it is yet. The battery dies when Aloy cycles the power, so she wants to find a new one.

Where To Look For A New Battery:

As soon as you walk in, you’ll see some Firegleam on the wall of a room. This is the path back to the major room, so blow it up. Then learn as much as you can about this new area. It was clear that Londra was using it to hold Quen, and you’re about figuring out why.

At the end of the hall, you can see a broken wall through a window. Break the wall with your pullcaster so you are able to get inside and get the new battery. Walk the battery return to the Zenith chair, put it in the power unit, as well as restart the power.

Aloy as well as Seyka will slowly start to figure out what’s going on as the Zenith chair comes to life. Walter has been programming the Quen he brings here to be more aggressive and follow orders.

He has since been using a more polished version of brainwashing on people he plans to take with him when he looks for a new world beyond the stars.

Nova, Walter’s AI friend, shows herself at this point. You can ask Walter about his plan to find out more about what’s going on. Then Nova says that if you kill it, it will let you into the volcano. Aloy agrees, and there is once again a way forward.

Go back to the volcano as well as enter it. You’ll walk in just as Kina is giving her speech to Walter, and you’ll catch him as he’s about to make Kina his wife.

Luckily, Aloy and Seyka bother him enough that he brings in his pet as well as flies away. You’re in for a tough boss fight because that pet is an Apex Slaughter Spine.

How To Beat The Apex Slaughter Spine:

You can add the Apex Slaughter Spine to your collection by scanning it. This machine is sensitive to damage from fire and acid, so use any ammunition you have that does harm from these elements. It’s more likely to get hurt by fire, so if you can, choose that over acid.

More than anything else, this fight is a war of attrition. There are weapons all over the Apex Slaughter Spine. Even if you take away its claws, tail, or hurt its mouth, it can still hit you with something else.

We found that the best way to stop most plasma attacks was to hit the tail when we could. When it roars, employ the pillars in the arena as cover from charges as well as switch to making ammo because Aloy will always be exposed to that in this small area.

Once you kill this huge machine, Seyka as well as Kina will go back to Fleet’s End. Aloy and Seyka spend some time together, but neither of them is ready to relax just yet.

They still have one more game to go. When you finish this quest, you’ll get the Spectre Stripe Face Paint. However, you’ll also need to search the Apex Slaughter Spine to find all of its rare parts.


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