How To Finish The Disney Dreamlight Valley Bunnies On The Run Quest

How To Finish The Disney Dream Light Valley Bunnies On The Run Quest:

The Disney Dream light Valley Eggstravaganza Event has a lot to do with bunnies. There are many new quests with rabbit and egg-themed activities.

The April event includes the Bunnies on the Run quest, which was added in the Pride of the Valley update. Here’s how you can quickly finish this task and get your prizes.

At Disney’s Eggstravaganza in Dream light Valley, there are a lot of missions hopping your way. Wall-E starts the story with the weekly quest Bunnies on the Run, in which you have to find some four-legged friends and chase them.

When The Eggstravaganza Event Starts And When It Ends:

The Disney Dream light Valley Easter Eggstravaganza will happen from April 8 to April 29, 2023, and there will be some fun prizes. Before you are able to obtain these gifts, though, you’ll have to do daily and weekly tasks to collect Easter eggs, that you can then use to make holiday things.

You will get a weekly task called “Bunnies on the Run” that asks you to locate the rabbits around the square. If you want to find out how to capture bunnies in the Plaza of Disney Dream light Valley, keep reading.

What’s The Bunnies On The Run Quest?

You can do the “Bunnies on the Run” quest every week in the Valley by talking to Wall-E. He will give you a few wonderful extra spring eggs which will make it much easier to make spring decorations and recipes that need them. Here are the things you get when you finish the quest:

Start The Quest As Well As Catch All Of The Bunnies.

To start the quest, you must first find Wall-E and talk to him. You can click on his icon on your map to find him. You’ll see a Dream light path that leads you to him. From his list of quests, choose “Bunnies on the Run.”

Wall-E is going to inform that there are some bunnies wandering around the square and that he requires your help to catch them. When you go to the square, you’ll see little bunnies hopping around the biome.

You’ll have to capture all five of them to finish the quest. They’re fairly quick on their paws.

How To Get Rabbits:

To capture a bunny, simply sprint after it and then talk to it when you get close. They move quickly, but if you watch where they go, it’s not hard to catch up to them. Also, at this point, we’ve all gone after animals in the valley before.

Go to the square and find 5 bunnies running around to finish this quest. You’ll need to run up to them until the Check choice appears, then press X on PlayStation, A on Xbox as well as Switch, or E on PC to interact with them.

They might be hard to capture, but you might be able to make it simpler by ensuring sure that you’re well-fed and employing the glide tool to move faster. Once you’ve collected all of the bunnies, give them back to WALL-E, as well as he’ll give you your goodies as a prize.

After you catch all five bunnies that got away in the Plaza, go back to Wall-E. If you talk to him, he’ll express you thanks in a way that only robots can.


  • Friendship x1,000
  • Egg-cellent Fruit x20
  • Wild Spring Egg x20
  • Spring V-EGG-etable x5


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