How To Finish The BitLife Massive Gains Challenge

How To Finish The Bit Life Massive Gains Challenge:

This week’s Bit Life challenge is called the Massive Gains Challenge. For this challenge, each player must take over the real estate market as well as marry into the life of a single character.

There are a few challenges in Bit Life that you need to finish quickly, just like many of the other challenges. Once the timer for the challenge is up, it goes into the vault and you’ll need Superstar Mode to get to it.

On April Fool’s Day, another Bit Life challenge comes out! Even though you might think it will be full of funny jokes, the life of a female real estate professional is surprisingly serious.

But even if this challenge isn’t full of jokes as well as pranks, you can still expect some twists and turns as you try to complete it. Read on to find out how to finish the Massive Increases Challenge throughout Bit Life if you want to know more.

How To Finish The Massive Gains Challenge:

When you play a game by yourself, you are going to require five things. It’s important to remember that you can’t do this challenge unless you have the Real Estate expansion. For the Massive Gains Challenge, you need to do these things.

  1. Be a girl born in Kansas.
  2. Become a real estate agent.
  3. Marry an agent who sells homes.
  4. Fix up at least five old properties
  5. Looking for 3 or more fully updated homes in the future

Step 1:

The very first task is to make sure that your character is born a girl and in Kansas. You are able to accomplish this by making Kansas City where they were born. This is the best way to get it done quickly and easily.

Step 2:

In the Massive Gains challenge, the second task is to become a real estate agent. Even though the main requirement to become an estate agent is to have finished high school, you must also possess a good looks rating of at least 50, a car, and a license to drive it.

So, you can either try to find such a character by rerolling while making a life, or you can use the God Mode DLC to make one yourself. To buy a car, you have to save up money by doing part time jobs or asking close family members for money.

Once you meet all the requirements, go to the Jobs page and search for a post called “Real Estate Agent” Small Business. To become an agent, you need to apply for it and do well in the interview.

Step 3:

Then, you’ll have to get married to some other real estate agent. This is much harder because your partner must be employed in the same field as you and will be a coworker. It might take a while to find someone at work who likes you and is open to your advances.

Step 4:

In the latest challenge, the fourth goal is to fix up more than five homes or properties that are in bad shape. To do this, you would need to purchase more than 5 components as well as improve or add to them. To buy real estate, go to the “Real Estate” section under “Shopping.”

After buying, go to the Assets section and to choose Properties from the drop-down menu. Choose your property as well as add to it what you want. To reach the goal, you need to add amenities to 5 distinct properties.

Step 5:

The last goal of the Massive Gains Challenge is really to sell more than 3 futuristic homes that have been fully upgraded. To do this, you have to buy 3 futuristic homes as well as upgrade them all the way to the top.

Once you’ve done that, you can finish the challenge by selling the house to possible customers. Remember that futuristic homes are very expensive and cost millions of dollars.

Before becoming an estate agent, it’s better to make money quickly in those other high paying jobs like being a doctor, lawyer, musician, actor, or sportsperson.


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