How To Finish Tears Of The Kingdom’s Out Of The Inn

How To Finish Tears Of The Kingdom’s Out Of The Inn:

For the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom side quest “Out of the :Inn,” you have to find the sleeping landlord in Kakariko Village and give him a truffle to wake him up. This is a bit tricky.

You won’t have to go too far on this quest, but if you’ve been to the Lanayru natural wonder in Tears of the Kingdom, it might help to wear the Zora amour, since it’s easier to find a meaty truffle if you can swim up streams.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of side quests and experiences. One of them is to find a sleepy host in the village of Kakariko.

It’s called “Out of the Inn,” and if you’re having trouble finding what you need, we will assist you each stage of the way. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you finish it.

Tears of the Kingdom helps players go back to Kakariko Village, however they need to finish the side quest “Out of the Inn” before they can use the inn. Link has to work hard to find his way around the huge map of Hyrule.

You should at least make sure he finds some rest at an inn, town, or stable after jumping into lakes, climbing mountains, as well as chasing or running away from enemies.

That’s why, when it turns out that the owner of Kakariko’s Inn has gone missing and the place is closed, players have to get him return behind that counter.

The Kakariko Village Inn Is Located At:

The Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower is north and east of the mountain town of Kakariko Village. The Makasura Shrine is also close to the town, and once you’ve opened it, it’s an excellent waypoint for fast travel. On the map above, the inn is shown at the bottom of the village.

When you go into the inn as well as talk to the man beneath the bar, it will turn out that he’s not the landlord. He’s just a tourist who was asked to watch the desk while the host is away. He wants you to help him find him and says he is sleeping within one of the close to tent camps.

Where To Locate The Innkeeper In Kakariko Village:

The host may be encountered at a tent camp on some stilts high above Lantern Lake. On the map above, you can see where it is. I flew across the lake to the spot using the Makasura Shrine teleport point as well as my paraglider. The lazy boy will be sleeping on a holy stone slab. Tsk!

A friendly onlooker will tell you that he hasn’t been able to wake up the host, but that he keeps talking about “hearty truffles.” He will also point your way in the direction of a nearby river where he saw some recently.

Finding Hearty Truffles:

You can skip this step if you already have a Hearty Truffle within your collection, but I don’t suggest it. When you look for the truffle, you find a cool little cave that has a Bubbul Gem in it.

Climb to the top of the waterfall instead of observing the bottom. You’ll notice that the water is coming out of a small cave. To get in, you have to press the L button on your joystick to crouch, then make your way in.

As you move through the tiny cave, you’ll see three fairies that you should definitely grab. They are likely to save your life someday. At the conclusion of the cave, you’ll come across a broken stalagmite with a big truffle at its base. Also on the roof, just above this stalagmite, is a bubbulfrog.

How To Wake Up The Innkeeper In Kakariko Village:

You have your hearty truffle, so go back to the host at the camp and give it to him. You have to pick up the truffle from your collection and drop it at the innkeeper’s feet.

Don’t eat that! To do this, go to your inventory, pick the Hearty Truffle, choose Hold, and then press B to go back to the open world. To drop the truffle, press A.

As soon as you wake up the host, he will run back to where he belongs. You can even go back and get your chocolate to use it again later.

When you go back to the inn, you’ll find a happy tourist who will give you a Long-Lasting Sticky Elixir. This is a new elixir in the sequel that makes it easy to climb on wet surfaces.


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