How To Finish Tears Of The Kingdom’s Messages From An Ancient Era

How To Finish Tears Of The Kingdom’s Messages From An Ancient Era:

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of collection quests, but none are quite like “Messages From An Ancient Era” within the way that they let you see everything the Sky has to offer.

If I ask you to show me how good you are at flying and making planes, you’ll have to spread your wings further compared to you have ever done before if you’re going to learn the lessons of history.

You won’t do this for nothing, of course. The stories might be interesting, but what’s even more interesting is the chance to make a lot of dollars.

As one of the best-paying tasks in the game, exploring the globe beyond will teach you both academic and business-related things.

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the past of Hyrule is full of mysteries, and there are famous scholars who want to learn more about it.

These secrets take them down different paths, and Worts-worth, a character within Tears of the Kingdom, wants to find Ancient Tablets in the Messages from an Ancient Era task to learn more about them.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, you have to go out of the palace to find 12 Ancient Tablets. The missions start in Lookout Landing, so it will be hard to find these tablets after Worts-worth leads you out into the world. We were able to find them all for you, which is great.

Each Ancient Tablet Locations:

Lookout Landing is where the quest starts in Tears Of The Kingdoms. In the centre of this region, a single among the Ancient Tablets is going to be dropped, as well as Worts-worth is going to be standing there, looking at the building.

When we talk to him, the quest starts, and he tells us he’s going to Kakariko Village, where a huge ring structure has dropped on the town. Our next stop was the village of Kakariko, where we met with Worts-worth to find out what was next on this journey.

Here, he told us what the writing on the tablet said and told us that we could find twelve more of these Ancient Tablets all over Hyrule within Tears of the Kingdom. Our objective is to find all of them and tell him where they are.

Remember that you have to take an image of these Ancient Tablets. When you find one, pull out your camera to snap a shot of the front. This should count towards finishing this task.

Here are all the places in Worts-worth where you can find the Ancient Tablets you need for the Messages from the Ancient Era task in The Old Kingdom.

Order Tablet Name Location Special Location Notes
1 Account Of A Celebration South Eldin Sky Archipelago Can be reached by gliding from the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower to the south while using the island as a stopping point on the way.
2 The Strong King And Receptive Queen Lanayru Great Spring From the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower, you can glide to your destination. Alternatively, you may also glide from the nearby Water Temple.
3 The Harmonious Couple Hebra Mountains Sky Can be reached by gliding from Kahatanaum Shrine (alternatively: the Wind Temple) with over two circles of stamina.
4 A Pilgrimage Of Light East Hebra Sky Archipelago Can be reached by gliding from Pikida Stonegrove (Tabantha) Sky Tower. Stop midway on the archipelago with a launching mechanism and use it to launch Link toward the isle.
5 The Researcher Mineru West Necluda Sky Can be easily reached by Popla Foothills Sky Tower.
6 The Foreign Princess Gerudo Desert Can be reached by gliding from Gerudo Canyon Sky Tower with three bars of stamina.
7 The Free-Spirited Zelda East Necluda Start from Rabella Wetlands Sky Tower. Requires the Zora armor for the waterfall of the island beside your destination. Ride the waterfall up and build a Zonai flying device (balloon or otherwise) to reach the tablet.
8 The Latest Trend Necluda Sea Can be reached by gliding from Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower with three circles of stamina.
9 An Ancient Ghost Story Gerudo Highlands Can be reached by gliding from Gerudo Highlands Sky Tower with a hair more than one circle of stamina.
10 For The Hero’s Sake Great Hyrule Forest (above Chasm) Can be reached from the Typhlo Ruins Sky Tower. Upon stepping onto it, it will plunge into the Depths through the Chasm below. There is a strong enemy nearby and no nearby Lightroots.
11 The Day the Land Rose South Hyrule Sky Archipelago Can be reached by gliding from Gerudo Canyon Sky Tower with two circles of stamina, using one island to rest along the way.
12 A Parting Resolve Sokkala Sky Archipelago From the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower, head south toward the island chain with the Flux Construct. Land on the island beside the arena to find a flying device. Attach all nearby batteries onto the device and fly up to your destination.


Messages From An Ancient Era:

After taking shots of every Ancient Tablet in Tears of the Kingdom, we went back to Wordsworth to demonstrate off our work and tell him what we had found.

We could have gone back to Wordsworth every time we found one, but we chose to give each one to him when we found it. Every time we gave Wortsworth a finished picture, he gave us 100 rupees to be a gift.

When we give all of them to Wordsworth, he gives us Zonai Survey Team Fabric, which we may utilize to replace the normal glider fabric. This will be the only prize for the search, along with all the information Worts-worth gave about what was on the Ancient Tablets.


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