How To Finish Fleeting Lights Star Rail Honkai

How To Finish Fleeting Lights Star Rail Honkai:

Honkai: Star Rail has a lot of adventure quests, and many of them open up as you move through the Trailblaze Levels.

Fleeting Lights is one of these quests. It’s tied to the Forgotten Hall action and gives you another way to farm for certain materials, take on battle tasks, and earn other prizes.

Getting through Fleeting Lights may be harder than most of the other quests you’ve done so far, especially if you’re not at a high enough level yet. Here’s what you need to do:

You need to finish the Honkai: Star Rail Fleeting Lights mission in order to access The Forgotten Hall, which is Star Rail’s variant of the Spiral Abyss level from Genshin Impact.

If you completed the second game, you may be aware that this is among the most effective ways to get money to buy new characters, like Stellar Jade.

Describe Forgotten Hall.

Almost everything about the Forgotten Hall is the same as the Spiral Abyss of Honkai Star Rail. There are hard enemies, chance changes, and two-team sets that will test how well characters work together.

This task at the end of the game is the best place to test your skills. But in order to get into the Forgotten Hall, gamers must first finish the quest “Fleeting Lights” from Pom-Pom.

How To Get Access To The Fleeting Lights Quest:

In Honkai: Star Rail, Pom-Pom gives you the quest mission Fleeting Lights when you hit Trailblaze level 20 and finish the main story task Trial of the Equilibrium: Part 1.

After you do this, Pom-Pom will send you a message asking you to come meet her right away in the private car. This begins the quest called “Fleeting Lights.”

But if you have done all of the above and still haven’t heard from Pom-Pom, you might want to finish a few open experience tasks from your mission collection.

How To Finish The Quest Fleeting Lights:

When you talk to Pom-Pom in the lounge car, she will tell you that something strange is happening on the Astral Express. To figure out where this thing came from.

Go to the stairs within the Parlor Car part of the highway and look at the broken mirror that is against the wall. After you’ve talked to the message all the way through, they’ll ask if you want to go into the Forgotten Hall.

When you get to the Forgotten Hall, choose Memory Stage 1 and choose figures to set up the crew for the task. Memory Stage 1 makes it so that all of your friends do more damage from wind, so make sure you have wind-elemental players like Bronya or Dan Heng on your team.

I also think it’s best to use characters over level 30 for a short fight, since the enemies in this stage are level 32. The better the prizes will be in the Forgotten Hall, the faster you can finish each stage.

After You Winn The Battle You Have To Talk To Messanger Again:

After you win the fight, you’ll talk to The Messenger again. She’ll beg you to keep your conversations with her a hidden from the other people on the Astral Express.

Then, you’ll meet up with the rest of the crew close to the couch as well as choose between telling them what’s true or lie for the message. You can choose any choice, because it won’t change how the task turns out.

What You Get After You Completed The Quest:

After the conversation is over, you will have finished the quest. Players will get three Sparse Aethers as well as 2,000 credits when they finish the Fleeting Lights quest.


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