How To Finish BitLife Beast And Beauty Challenge

How To Finish BitLife Beast And Beauty Challenge:

The Beast and Beauty is the name of the new challenge inside the BitLife mobile game. It’s a different take on the classic Disney story. There may be some similarities between the two, but don’t expect a straight retelling.

All Of The Jobs And How To Do Them:

To successfully complete the challenge, you must do all of these things as a specific personality. You have a certain amount of time to finish this challenge, however if you don’t, you can do it again at a later time.

Here are the five things you need to do to finish the BitLife Beast and Beauty Challenge.

  1. Be born in France as a girl.
  2. Become a librarian.
  3. Read 10+ books
  4. Have 100% Looks
  5. Wed a Ugg

If You Were Born A Girl In France:

When you create an entirely novel personality for such challenge, you should make her female and choose France as her home country. It doesn’t matter where you live in France, as long as it’s in France.

Once you begin your new life, check to see if your looks stats are high. You can boost it by hitting the gym as well as getting plastic surgery, but looking good from the start can save you money and time in the long run.

Become A Librarian:

It’s not too hard to be a librarian. Make sure to study as much as users can and get high marks at school. Reading a lot of books in high school could also help a lot with this.

When you finish high school, go to the Career tab and look thru the job listings until you discover the junior librarian job. Then, take it.

Reading 10+ Books:

When your character turns 6, you are able to access the Activities menu and to choose Mind and Body to start reading books. Read ten short children’s books instead of waiting until you’re an adult to finish this task early.

If you start when you’re young, you’re much less likely to come across a bunch of huge books to devour and therefore can concentrate on trying to tap thru every page within a few seconds instead of several minutes.

Marrying a Ugg:

Here’s where things start to get a bit crazy. In BitLife, to marry a “uggo,” you have to marry somebody with low looks stats.

On your dates, you can look at their profile, which shows, among other things, their name, how they look, how much money they have, and how crazy they are.

Your objective is to identify a person whose looks bar is red or orange, which means they aren’t particularly attractive. Date this person and get married to finish the last task of the challenge.


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