How To Find The Sheik’s Mask In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Find The Sheik’s Mask In Tears Of The Kingdom:

In Breath of the Wild, you could only get Sheik’s Mask with an amiibo, yet in Tears of the Kingdom, everyone can get it. This gear is a clear nod to the character Sheik from Ocarina of Time.

Sheik doesn’t show up in the game, but if players want to add his mask to their collection, it will help Link be more stealthy. You can get Sheik’s Mask from a loot box in the Depths. It is a unique piece of headwear.

The new basement region within The Legend of Zelda¬†Tears of the Kingdom is big and dark, so it will take a long time to find this stuff without help. We have an article that will help you quickly find Sheik’s Mask.

Sheik serves as one of the most significant characters within The Legend of Zelda stories because he or she is a key part of how the story is split up. Even though Tears of the Kingdom has Sheikah armor, it will take a bit more work to get Sheik’s famous Mask.

Like every piece of gear from an earlier game, this one is deep within the Depths, but it isn’t controlled by the area itself. Instead, you have to battle for it. This guide tells you where the fight takes place and what you have to beat to get Sheik’s Mask.

Sheiks Mask How To Get It:

Sheik’s Mask is inside the Desert Coliseum, which is in the Gerudo Desert Depths at coordinates -4311, -3780, and -0479. You can get here by jumping through the East Gerudo Chasm -2467, -3081, 0086¬†in the Gerudo Highlands.

After that, you can go southwest until you find the Kasari Lightroot beneath the Irasak shrine. The Depths, which are beneath the Gerudo Desert, are where Sheik’s Mask is hidden in The Two Towers.

Unfortunately, the quickest approach to get there isn’t very fast at all. First, go straight south of the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower to the East Gerudo Chasm.

Once you’re in the Depths, you’ll need to go close to the zone’s southeast corner. If you want to make your life easy, don’t try your luck going toward the Mask. Instead, go west from the Chasm till you find the Gonatoyros Lightroot as well as the close Abandoned Gerudo Mine.

You can go almost straight south from the Mines to the Kasari Lightroof, which is right next to the Desert Coliseum. The loot box with the Sheik’s Mask was within the Coliseum, yet it is not unguarded.

You’ll have to beat five waves of Horriblins that get harder, and only when you’ve done that will the gloom that’s blocking the wealth chest go away. In that order, you’ll come across

  • Wave 1 Three Red Horriblins
  • Wave 2 Three Blue Horriblins
  • Wave 3 Two Black Horriblins
  • Wave 4 One Silver Horriblin
  • Wave 5 One Horriblin of each color.

Since Horriblins like to hang out on the roof, I recommend bringing a strong bow to knock them down. Once the monsters are on the ground, you can kill them with your best close-range guns.

Horriblins are easy to beat if you can keep them stunned upon the ground. All of them start moving on the roof, but if you shoot an arrow at their foreheads or behinds, they will all fall to the floor.

The red and blue ones aren’t too hard to beat, yet the black as well as silver ones have a lot more health and do a lot more damage.

The Silver Horriblin is a huge threat because a single swipe of his spiked-ball spear can take out at least eight hearts if you are wearing a full set of armor that has not been updated. I think you should move up to a Great Fairy.

If you possess any Lynel Bows, use them against the group in the last fight, and add Bomb Flowers to the points of your darts no matter what kind of bow you’re using. You’ll do a lot of damage to your enemies, knock them down, and then set them ablaze fire.

Most of the time, a few Bombs are enough to kill the Red as well as Blue Horriblins, while you may maintain the Black as well as Silver Horriblins stunned, which makes them basically useless.

If you make it through the whole wave without dying, the loot box with the Sheik’s Mask will open and you’ll be able to take it.

Can Sheik’s Mask Be Altered In Any Way?

Sheik’s Mask can be made better by a Great Fairy. It starts with 2 defenses, but at full improvement 4 stars, it can have 16 defenses.

Star Defense Materials
0 2 None
1 4 10 Rupees
1 Silent Princess
1 Star Fragment
2 6 50 Rupee
2 Silent Princess
2 Star Fragment
3 9 200 Rupees
4 Silent Princess
3 Star Fragment
4 16 500 Rupees
8 Silent Princess
4 Star Fragment


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