How To Find The Locations Of All The Aquarium Fish In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

How To Find The Locations Of All The Aquarium Fish In Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

Within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you can find and catch 12 different kinds of fish on the worlds Koboh and Jedha. Now, before you can start looking for these fish, it’s essential to know that you’ll need to find Skoova Stev and get him on your side. You can find him near Rambler’s Reach.

Once you have him on your team, Cal will ask Skoova to Pyloon’s Saloon to see the tank there. Within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, there is a tank on the upper floor of the Pyloon Saloon cantina. Fish can, of course, live in this tank. All you’ve got to do is locate them.

Finding fish is one of the most fun things to do to finish a collection. Your protagonist, Cal Kestis, won’t be the one to catch the fish.

Instead, you’ll meet a character who does catch the fish and tells you a great story every time you discover a new one. This guide tells you where all of the Fish are situated within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

This Aquarium Fish Guide will inform you exactly where to find Skoova Stev and the other twelve fish in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Where Every Fish Can Be Found:

Within your Jedi: Survivor run, you will need to find 12 Fish spots. Before you can catch these fish, you’ll need to find Skoova Stev, the figure who does it. This person can be found in the Foothill Falls area of Koboh. He is known as the Mysterious Fisherman.

After chatting to Skoova as well as asking him to Pyloon’s Saloon in Rambler’s Reach Outpost, he will show up ready for catching the next fish in different places throughout the game.

Every time you discover Skoova in a new place, he’ll tell you an additional chapter of his story, which will let you add another item to the Databank.

You won’t be able to locate these fish by looking at a map because it won’t show you where to go. Skoova Stev’s fishing boat will only be nearby a body of water if there is a species you can catch.

Where All The Fish Are:

See Fish:

It’s not hard to find sea fish. You can find the Sea Fish in the same place in Foothills Falls where you first met Skoova. Just talk to Skoova once more, as well as he’ll tell you everything you need to know regarding the Sea Fish.

Frilled Newt:

Like the seefish, the Frilled Newt was an easy fish to find. Go to Koboh and visit the George Crash Site Meditation Site. Follow the way to the left of the person who is sitting by the fire. Skoova will be in his boat by the water, and he will give you the Frilled Newt as a prize.

Viscid Lurker:

You need to go to the Phon’Qi Caverns in Koboh to seek out the Viscid Lurker. You will have to go pretty far down into the caves.

Ascend all of the way down passed the orange-colored puffer’s acid foes until you reach a small pond where Skoova is chilling out. The Viscid Lurker fish lives here, which might seem such as an odd place to hang out.


Another easy-to-find fish is the Snakefish. Go to the Meditation Point at the Anchorite Base on Jedha. Turn right from the Meditation point and go in that way.

You will want to stay close to the correct wall as there is a ledge which goes to another place with a small pond. Skoova is going to be up here within this area, so you can take the Snakefish for the tank.

Fingerlip Garpon:

Your next Star Wars Jedi is Survivor. Another fish within Koboh is called Fish Journey. Go to the outpost at Rambler’s Reach. Behind the big building that looks like a barn is a lake.

If you go down the lake a bit, Skoova will be sitting within the centre of it. Skoova can’t be missed if you discover the lake beneath the barn.

Blinding Rayfish:

Go to Koboh’s Destroyed Settlement Meditation Point. Grab the Relter creature and use the gusts of wind coming off of the purple-light-beaming pillars to fly up.

Skoova is going to be on the highest point of the only rock with water on it. Since this represents the only pool of water on top of these towers, it shouldn’t be difficult to find.

Barbed Hookfish:

Smuggler’s Tunnels in Koboh is where you can find the Barbed Hookfish. This is also close to the Meditation Point near Pyloon’s Saloon. You’ll want to keep an eye for the green force field wall as you move through the tunnels. Go through this force field and navigate your way to the water below. Here, Skoova will be found in the water.


To find the Glottsamcrab, the best place to start is at the Viscid Bog Meditation Point. Skoova will be situated between the Meditation point as well as the Rumour sign. He occupies the lowest portion of the land, close to where there is a swamp.


Go to the Mountain Ascent spot in Koboh to find the Meefish. When you get to this area, go through the green force field wall as well as jump down to the little bridge-like thing in the lower part of this area. If you keep going down this lower-level road, you’ll get to Skoova as well as the Meefish right away.

Big-Mouth Faa:

Even though the Big Mouth Faa sounds scary, it is the easiest fish to catch within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Go to Koboh and go to the Rift Passage Meditation Point. The Meditation point is just a few steps away from Skoova.

Blue-Finned Crayfish:

Go to Koboh and go to the Nekko Pools Meditation Point. Mount a Nekko as well as climb up the huge mountain. Follow this until you reach a big fence with a yellow border upon top. Skoova will be there waiting for you on the opposite side of the fence if you go through the gate.

Laa Fantailed:

You’ve finally caught the 12th and last fish within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, but if you think it’s on Koboh like the other 11 fish, you’re wrong.

You will have to go to Jedha and go to the Crypt of Uhrma. From the Meditation Point, go up the four steps, turn right, and go into the building.

Start Climbing Up Until You Reach At The Top Ledge:

As soon as you enter the building, run straight ahead until you reach another set of stairs. At the top of these last steps, turn right and start climbing up the huge building until you reach the top ledge.

At the top of this ledge, not too far from where you’re standing, you will see a metal bridge. Grab the bottom of the bridge and start to move towards the other side.

All of this is just to reach the Crypt of Uhrma. It can be hard to find your way to this place. Watch the movie above if you don’t know how to make it to the Crypt.

Solve The Puzzle In Order To Get Into The Crypt:

You have to figure out the puzzle upon the entrance to get into the Crypt. To open the door, pull the initial and final handles on the top row, as well as the middle and last handles on the bottom row.

Go through the hidden door, drop down, and then rip the metal gateway off of another door. Go through this door, and Skoova will give you the last fish.


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