How To Find The Hidden Treasure In Tears Of The Kingdom’s Lizard Lakes

How To Find The Hidden Treasure In Tears Of The Kingdom’s Lizard Lakes:

There are a lot of riches in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but none of them are as good as what is kept in a secret cave in Death Mountain’s shade.

Getting it isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but for the reward at the conclusion, it’s a surprisingly easy trip that rewards those who are interested.

When you play The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Hyrule has a lot of secrets for you to solve. After you finish the Fire Temple, you can walk around Goron City.

We found another one right away when we talked to Bludo and Yunobo. They told us about a strange prize that we might have discovered near Lizard Lakes.

Want to know how to finish Zelda¬†Tears of the Kingdom’s side quest The Secret Treasure at Lizard Lakes? As the Tears of the Kingdom tale goes on, every player may acquire a lot of cool clothing and weapons.

But side tasks will help you change up your weapons and clothes. For example, you can finish The Treasure of the Hidden Springs mission soon after the story starts to acquire a Vah Medoh Divine Helm that can protect you from the cold.

But as the story goes on, you may obtain the same helmet that can protect you from fire. To get this hat, you must finish The Hidden Treasure at Lizard Lakes within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. We will help you do this.

It’s another quest that needs to be done in a certain place, and finding another secret prize in TotK felt like a fun journey. We had to work hard to find out where the secret prize was at Lizard Lakes, but the effort was worth it.

Getting To Lizard Lakes:

Bludo tells us a childhood song about this tale before we go on this journey. This rhyme helps us narrow down what we’re looking for within Tears of the Kingdom.

The childhood story said, “One brother hunts, while another brother hides a pair lizards fighting over what’s inside.” Aside from this, we don’t know much else about what to expect.

But based on the name of the quest and the rhyme, we’re probably looking for two lakes in Hyrule that look like lizards. It’s important to know that you can’t get this until you’ve finished the Fire Temple.

We found a place in The Lord of the Rings that fit this description by getting out our map as well as zooming in on the area around Death Mountain. Northwest of the mountain, we can see two small lakes that look like lizards.

On the Tears of the Kingdom map, one lizard is on the ground and the other is waiting on the Death Caldera cliff. Both are looking the same way.

We fought on the way to this place, killing a lot of enemies along the way and taking a lot of fire attacks from them. When you get there.

You’ll come across a wall that you can’t look at because it’s blocked off. We managed to destroy this via a bomb flower, so we can now move forward through the area.

We destroyed the area and found an additional cave called Lizard’s Burrow. It was a steamy underground cave, but we didn’t do too much harm to it.

Find The Loot Box Which Is Contain A Rudania Divine Helm:

We didn’t run into any enemies while we were exploring here, but we did find a loot box with the Vah Rudania Divine Helm in it, which we could add to our collection within Tears of the Kingdom.

The Hidden Treasure around Lizard Lakes isn’t too hard, but it might be hard to find because Bludo only provided us the nursery song. Overall, the trip around Death Mountain was fun, and the piece of armor we found at the end was a great find in TotK.

If You Want To Get Second Bubbul Gem Then There Is A Bubbul Frog Behind The Broken Wall:

If you want a second Bubbul Gem, you can find a Bubbul Frog behind a wall that can be broken. As you turn away from the chest after opening it, look down the hall towards the door.

You can break the rocks to the right as well as a little bit up to get to the frog. Climb up to beat the frog to obtain its diamond as an extra prize.


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