How To Find The Fierce Deity Armor Set And The Sword In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Find The Fierce Deity Armor Set And The Sword In Tears Of The Kingdom:

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom pushed the game a single stage further than its predecessor by adding new game techniques and features that keep the player interested in Hyrule’s huge, open area.

Link, who is the main character, has changed how he looks and feels over the course of the series. Tears of the Kingdom added some new clothes for players to try, like cold-resistant outfits and Deity Armor as well as swords that are very strong.

This is based on the Majora’s Mask arc found in the N64 Nintendo game. With this tutorial, players are bound to get one of the looks of the Tears of the Kingdom Fierce Deity Armor set.

The Fierce Deity set is one of the scariest of the 36 armor sets within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Fans of the series are going to recall it as the broken secret Mask from Majora’s Mask that could destroy bosses.

It was so powerful that you were restricted to employing it in boss rooms, as well as nothing within the source material could last more than a couple of minutes in its company.

It, along with the Fierce Deity Sword, is going to render the newest Link a powerhouse. It looks great and has good defenses, too.

How Do I Receive The Sword And Armor Of The Fierce Deity?

Obtaining the Fierce Deity outfit is directly tied to getting the Sword, because the door protecting the sword won’t open until you can hold the armor in front of it.

Visit Cephla Lake Cave to obtain the Emerald Trousers to start your search for this famous armor.

Two Hylians outside the cave will give you a short quest to do. Once you have the Ember pants, you may begin Misko’s Treasure The Fierce Deity Armor.

The Fierce Deity Mask Can Be Found In:

This is the primary piece of Link’s set called “Fierce Deity.” This can be discovered in the Skull Lake Cave. Link will need to go to the Kamatukis Shrine, which is located close to the cave.

Players can also choose to go around the Akkala area if they want to. But this is also the place where players need flying tools to get into the air. If players don’t have accessibility to any aircraft, they can also take a long way throughout Kimayat Shrine.

At Kimayat Shrine, there is a place where players can just glide over big hills and mountains. As players glide, they will see a tower with a pool of water in the middle of it. Here is where the players should land. As this will make it easier to land.

After getting to the cave, players will run into a wall. You can use clubs and other tools to break down this wall. For what comes next, players will need to be ready. As enemies made of bones and a boss made of bones are waiting to fight Link.

After beating the baddies, players must climb up a small platform to see a Shrine with a maintained properly box. Here is where you can find the Armor piece and add it to your collection.

The Fierce Deity Armor Can Be Found In:

Getting the Fierce Deity chest item could be the easiest or the hardest part of the quest.

You’ll be going to the Akkala Citadel Ruins, which are almost directly north of Zora’s Domain, southeast of the South Akkala Stable, and simple to get to if you’ve unlocked the Upland Zorana as well as Ulri Mountain Skyview Towers.

No matter how you receive there, the Gloom Hands are the biggest threat here. They appear at all times of the day. I don’t feel bad about admitting that when I first came to these sites, I noticed the hands and quickly left. Here, it is quick and easy to get the Fierce Deity Armor.

From the Domizuin Shrine, look north and go into the ruins to your left. Keep going left till you see a torn red carpet, and then turn left hard. You’ll reach a dead end, yet there is going to be a hole within the wall nearby.

Crouch to get through the hole, drop down to the Akkala Citadel Ruins Summit Cave, as well as take the armor.

The Fierce Deity Boots Can Be Found In:

This is where people start to get bored. Since they have to go south of Lookout Landing upon the map of Hyrule, they have to travel.

Players will need to go to the Susuyai Shrine as well as climb up the hill to the west side of the shrine to find their way.

Players will find a big tree stump within the middle of the pond. A makeshift wooden bridge will connect the stump to the hill.

Go through the hole at the highest point of the tree’s stump. Glide toward Ancient Tree Stump Cave from here.

When they receive here, monsters such as Keese as well as Bubble Frog will be waiting for them on the highest point of the cave.

So, you should always be careful when taking this path. At last, players will be able to see a hole covered by plants.

Link may ignite the plant to clear a path or use other tools to cut it out of the way. They are going to discover the box with the Deity’s boots on the other side of the hole.

The Fierce Deity Sword Can Be Found In:

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you need to wear every single component of the Fierce Deity armor set before you can get the Fierce Deity Sword. Head to Cephla Lake Cave while wearing the Fierce Deity Armor, Boots, as well as Mask.

When you go into the room with the fake boxes, you’ll see that a new area is open to you now that you have the three pieces of the set put on. The Misko’s Treasure The Fierce Deity side objective is done when you open the box at the back of the cave to get the Fierce Deity Sword.

If you don’t want to do the side task for the Fierce Deity armor package as well as sword, you are able to purchase the Majora’s Mask Link amiibo and scan it to get something from the Fierce Deity set.


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