How To Find The Beast And Princess Quest And Finish It In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Find The Beast And Princess Quest And Finish It In Tears Of The Kingdom:

The Beast as well as the Princess was a quest within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It is part of The Lucky Clover Gazette, a longer side task.

It needs you to have started the bigger Lucky Clover Gazette side quest “Potential Princess Sightings!” to locate a warm area in the south.

Princess Zelda has been seen in many places in Hyrule, even though Link saw her disappear into a ball of light at the very beginning of The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

The stories about Zelda are getting out of hand, so Penn, a writer for the Lucky Clover Gazette, has been doing his best to find out what’s going on.

After you find the Lucky Clover Gazette within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as well as are told to go to every stable, you’ll come across the Beast and the Princess search, which tells you to find some strange animals that are very useful.

During the Beast as well as the Princess quest, a single of these sightings happens. Here, we’ll have to put on our detective hats and find out where Zelda went as well as what she did in Hyrule.

This wasn’t easy, and it took us a good amount of time running around the southern part of Hyrule before we were able to solve the case.

All The Steps Of The Beast As Well As The Princess’s Quest:

We began this quest when we went back to the New Serenne Stable, which is northwest of Central Hyrule and next to the Sinakawak Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.

When we got here, Penn was trying to find another story regarding Zelda as well as telling a crazy tale about how the last time anyone saw her, she was on top of a huge, scary beast and riding it around as if she was in charge of it.

Outside of the setting, there isn’t much to go on when it comes to the many stories about Zelda that are going around in Hyrule in TotK. This was supposed to be happening in a warm part of Hyrule near a single of the barns.

We were lucky to have accessibility to both of them, which made it much easier to travel to the south of Hyrule and finish The Beast as well as The Princess. The Highland Stable as well as the Lakeside Stable are the only ones that fit this definition.

We went to the Highland often to find out if anyone there had heard anything regarding these stories. Unfortunately, not one of them helped, and they never said anything about big animals in the area to help us figure out where to look.

How To Begin The “Beast And The Princess” Quest:

“The Beast and the Princess” is a part of the “Potential Princess Sightings!” side quest, but it is also a separate side quest on its own. You need to have begun the “Potential Princess Sightings!” side quest before you can start.

The first step is to talk to Penn outdoors the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower. Then, go meet him at the Lucky Clover Gazette building outside Rito Town. We’ve put a star next to it below.

The editor-in-chief of the paper will send you and another person to all twelve stables to find out where Princess Zelda is.

You may perform these in any possible order, as well as each stable begins its own little tale. One of these is called “The Beast and the Princess,” and to start it, you need to talk to Penn at the New Serenne Stable within Hyrule Field.

Where In The South Is The Subtropical Zone:

Penn will wait at the front desk of the stable. He will tell you that people in the area have seen the beast within the warm south. This is a reference to Faron and Lakeside Stable in particular. You can find it on the map at the following spot:

Remember that, unlike most barns, it’s not easy to spot from a distance, and the road it’s next to can’t be seen on a map.

So, if you’re coming from the west, head towards Floria Falls Lurelin Village as soon as you get into the forest. Stay on that road, and you’ll find the stable soon after.

Where To Look For The Beast:

From the stable, there is a gap to the north. You can talk to the person you require directly across from here. To help, talk to Shay near the edge of the cliff. He will tell you how to get to the refuge on the other side.

The simplest method to get there is to follow the rock edge west, paraglide across the short gap, then walk up to the refuge. Talk to Cima once you get there, and your mission will have been done.

What’s The Payoff:

You receive 50 rupees for finishing the side quest inside a side quest. Not bad, given that the editor-in-chief of the Lucky Gazette wanted to ask you to do so for free.


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