How To Find Otak Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom And Finish It

How To Find Otak Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom And Finish It:

Within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, do you want to know how to finish Otak Shrine? Most shrines are designed to test a player’s thinking and how well they know how to use their skills. Other shrines are easily missed and give all the benefits as quickly as you discover them.

But the Otak Shrine happens to be one of the places that wants to see how good you are at fighting. As you move through this shrine, you’ll have to fight a number of Constructs with only a few tools and guns.

But if you’re ready to fight, we’ll show you how to finish Otak Shrine within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Some of the tears from the Shrines of the land are easier to locate than others. They can be in plain sight afterwards to a path or at the top of a cliff. Some shrines are hidden within caves or behind hard-to-solve puzzles to get crystals.

Most hard-to-find shrines give you a box as well as a Light of Blessing right away as you step in, which is a nice reward for the trouble you had to go through to find the shrine within the very first place.

But Otak Shrine is impossible to find and difficult to beat, so it doesn’t follow any rules.

Where Is The Otak Shrine?

The Otak Shrine is up within the cold, snowy Hebra Region in the northwest part of the map. You can get there quickly by teleporting to the Hebra Mountain Skyview Tower, jumping on the trampoline, and starting to glide west.

Still, it’s a long walk, so bring something to protect you from the cold or warm clothes. Don’t forget to bring fire fruit or chuchus if you want to find the site of the shrine.

Find the opening to the Icefall Foothill Cave, which has been wrapped within ice, to get to Otak Shrine. Fire fruit, fire chuchus, or even just throwing a torch at the ice spikes over and over will clear the way in.

Once you’re inside, look for a second door covered in ice that goes to the next room. Repeat the same steps to get rid of this wall.

In the next area, you have to jump three times on the ice covering a hole to drop down to a place with blue, black, and some silver Bokoblins. Take them down so you can see the area around you better.

A strangely placed ice spike may be taken down from the wall in this spot. Once the ice disappears, climb up the passageway to reach Otak Shrine.

The Left As Well As Right Set Up An Argument:

Finding the Otak Shrine was a bit of a challenge in and of itself, but don’t take it easy as you go in. This can be a tough spot, especially if you don’t have many hearts left. Get the Old Wooden Bow, the Thick Stick, and ten shots from the left side of the opening, near the door.

In front of you is an upside-down rock that looks like this could be broken. We don’t have the right tools for that yet, and more importantly, there are a lot of Construct enemies on the nearby higher platforms. Start with the ones on your right.

You can make it harder for the Constructs to win if you shoot one of your arrows through the rope with the light on it.

The explosion should hurt them a little, but if you send a nearby barrel rolling into the lit post while they chase you, you could kill them outright. Or turn them off. Or whatever it pertains to people do to build

From this set of Constructs, you can get a Zonaite Shield, a Zonaite Spear, along with additional items. We haven’t found any barrels near the buildings on the left, but that might just be because we haven’t looked hard enough. But if you have the Zonaite gear, your chances of winning are much higher.

Behind you, upon the higher platforms near the door to the shrine, there are additional Constructs. There are additionally more lights, which is good news.

If you can time it right, you can have a single of the Constructs follow you to the lantern and shoot it while staying sufficiently close to the foliage under the light to do some real damage.

If you can’t do that, don’t worry about it. Just keep hitting at it until it falls, but be careful the other Construct will probably see you’re doing it and shoot arrows at you to a distance. Get rid of it in the same way that you got rid of its friend.

Once you beat this sixth and last Construct, you’ll get a lovely message from a Proving Grounds shrine saying that your equipment has been returned. When the gate opens, you can go through to get your prize. The prize is the same as it always has been.

Once You Finished The Quest You Are Able To Go Back And Fight All Of Zonai Constructs And Gather More Loot:

After you’ve finished the Otak Shrine the first time, you can go back and fight all of the zonai creations to obtain their drops. The second time, you’ll have all your tools with you. You can get more Zonai guns and shields from this and other battle shrines like it.


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