How To Find And Unlock All Of Tears Of The Kingdom’s Elite Enemies

How To Find And Unlock All Of Tears Of The Kingdom’s Elite Enemies?

Tears of the King How To Locate All Elite Enemies Exploring Hyrule is one of the most interesting parts of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Where you can meet a lot of interesting people.

But be careful, because scary animals live in the snow-covered hills and green fields. The color of these monsters tells you how hard they are, and some are worse than others.

The Legend of Zelda¬†Tears of the Kingdom has an extensive number of enemies that players will have to fight. Some monsters from other Zelda games also made a comeback in this game. Some enemies show up a lot in the game, while other foes, according to some players, aren’t even there.

Some of the most powerful enemies you’ll face are the Silver ones. The foes within Tears of the Kingdom who are the most dangerous

Luckily, you have to do a certain task before these animals will come out. They don’t just show up. You can find all of the top enemies and their listings within Tears of the Kingdom by using the information below.

How Do Elite Foes Start Spawning?

Here, we meet the initial group of elite monsters. I found Silver bokoblins as well as Silver horriblins after I used the Master Sword. Along with the standard enemies I was facing, almost every other kind of creature had its own silver version.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, every monster possesses a Silver form that is stronger. Making fights with them much more dangerous for the remainder of the game.

By killing the last boss, you can start getting Robbie at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab’s Compendium listings for the second wave of monsters.

So as not to give too much away regarding this portion of the game. We’ll just say that you have to beat the final boss in three different ways.

There is also a movie at the end of the game. Once you reach this point, it should be much easier to find Elite Enemies even before you use the Master Sword.

How To Locate All Elite Enemies:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, the Elite Enemies first appear in two different stages. As soon as you get the Master Sword, people start to show up on the world.

Link loses the Master Sword at the beginning of Total Recall, but you can find it later if you have at least two full cycles of energy and land on the leading edge of a Light Dragon. After this and a short movie, you can use the Master Sword to combine all of your weapons at any time.

On the other hand, after finding all of the geoglyphs, which are spread out across Hyrule Kingdom, it becomes easier to find the Light Dragon. By finding these places and opening the memories there, we came one step close to the Light Dragon.

5 Rarest Enemies:

Some of these foes are different versions of the more common ones, but they may be stronger than the ones they are based on. But some of them can give Link a little bit of trouble.

Over time, players are going to deal with all of the enemies within the game, yet these are the enemies that don’t show up very often.

King Gleeok:

The King Gleeoks are actually huge creatures alongside three heads as well as three elements ice, fire, as well as lightning. They are smart enough to use all three strikes at the same time, which is very dangerous.

Many players have said that you shouldn’t take on this monster by yourself because it’s so hard to beat. To beat this monster, you must destroy all three heads in a short amount of time.

This is going to stun the monster as well as let Link finish it off. The best way to fight these monstrous creatures is from a long way away with joined arrows or other weapons.

Silver Moblin:

Silver Moblins are tougher and stronger compared to other Moblins, and they’re able to use the best Moblin tools in the game. They are very rare, and their silver skin makes them stand out from other Moblins. Moblins are enemies that show up in more than one Legend of Zelda game.

Their horns are exceptionally strong and can do a lot of damage if they use them to attack Link. These monsters are particularly weak to fire, but players can also use lightning-based techniques to weaken and stop them before killing them.


Naydra is a single of the three dragons within Tears of the Kingdom that can move around freely, and it is impossible to beat her. Naydra represents a dragon with an ice spirit. This powerful creature doesn’t hate Link or try to kill him, but if Link gets too close to her, he will freeze in place.

Link can’t kill Naydra, but if he shoots at the dragon, he can get some things. Depending on where Naydra shot, Link will get a different item. Shards of Naydra’s Horn as well as Naydra’s Scales are two of the more popular things Link will get.

Thunder Gleeok:

The Thunder Gleeok was a strong and dangerous lightning dragon with three heads.

It is a rare monster that can only be found in three places within the game¬†the ruins of the Colosseum, the citadel of Akkala, and Lake Herin. It’s hard to kill them, and when they fight, they can do a great deal of harm.

Thunder Gleeoks may launch balls of lightning at Link, and it is hard to get very near them when they’re on the ground. But when they are in the air, they can be hit by projectiles. By beating them, Link can get their horns, wings, and additional powerful items.

Yiga Blade-master:

The Yiga Blade-masters have the best of the Yiga clan’s fighters. They have a weapon called Wind-cleaver that can be used to hit with wind.

They are called “earth benders” because they have a special skill that lets them control the earth. Even though they are big, Yiga Blade-masters are incredibly quick.

They can talk as well as are frequently encountered within The Great Plateau. They are among the few bad guys in the game who can. When Link beats a Yiga Blade-master, they flee away, leaving behind some rupees, Mighty Bananas, as well as their Wind-cleaver.


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