How To Find And Get The Royal Armor Set In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Find And Get The Royal Armor Set In Tears Of The Kingdom:

If you look around Hyrule Castle, you might find some guns and shields that the Royal Guard, who used to protect the Hylian royal family, left behind. You might have also noticed that these guns were quite strong.

In Tears of the Kingdom, the Royal Guard Armor set looks clean and classic, and it also gives Link some good starting stats. Even though it’s locked away in some hard-to-reach places,

it’s right in front of you at Hyrule Castle. If you’re aware of where to look right away within Tears of the Kingdom, you are able to obtain every single component of the set.

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you need armor to solve many of the problems in Hyrule, and the Royal Armor set can be useful to get early in the game.

It has a good range of stats that make it simpler to fight harder enemies and explore, so we thought it would be easy to see the whole map.

It can be hard to find, and if you’re not looking for it, it’s easy to miss the exact spot where the Royal Armor set is. In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can find all of the Royal Armor pieces close to where you start.

The Royal Armor Set Can Be Found:

In Tears of the Kingdom, go to Hyrule Castle in the middle of the map if you want the Royal Armor set. We found that the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower as well as the paraglider were the best ways to get to the castle without a lot of trouble.

We also had help from Tulin’s Sage power, which you can get if you finish the Wind Temple as well as go to Rito Village.

You need to find the Royal Guard Cap, the Royal Guard Boots, as well as the Royal Guard Uniform to complete the Royal Armour set. All of them are in the same area, close to each other.

How To Get A Royal Guard Cap:

Inside Hyrule Castle, the Royal Guard Cap is going to show up. You can find it in Princess Zelda’s Room, which is on B1 of the castle’s first basement floor.

The fastest way to get here is to glide down to the west side of the tunnel, land on the rocks near it, and climb the stairs to the room. Next to it is a big hole that you can slide into if you’d rather.

When you go into Princess Zelda’s room, there will be a chest to the left of the door behind a wooden curtain. When you open the box, you will find the Royal Guard cap inside.

How To Get The Boots Of The Royal Guard:

The library is the second place in Hyrule Castle. It is on the third basement floor, B3, in Tears of the Kingdom. From Princess Zelda’s room, the best way to get here is to fly north, around the outside of the floating castle, and through the window next to the library.

The library won’t be too tightly watched, but it can be hard to glide down to it, so bring food that gives you energy or take short breaks along the way.

When you get there, go to the right of the door you flew in through and you’ll see a stairs and several shelves. If you use your Ultra-hand skill on the shelf, you can pull out a book and find the Royal Guard Boots within a box.

How To Get The Uniform Of The Royal Guard:

The Royal Guard Uniform is the last piece of this set. It can be found on the outside of Hyrule Castle within Tears of the Kingdom. We suggest that you go outside and walk around the south side of the castle till you hit the initial Gatehouse.

From there, head southwest. We’ve pointed out the entry you need to get to, which is blocked by several wooden doors. You can pull them up with the Ultrahand skill and go inside.

When you get inside the guardhouse, go to the left and then down the stairs. You’ll be in a dark room, and you’ll have to go down the stairs and forward into a pile of darkness.

You should be ready to use your Ascend skill and fly up. There, you’ll find a box with the Royal Guard Uniform inside. This chest is the last piece of this armour set for Tears of the Kingdom.


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