How To Find All The Bounty Hunters In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

How To Find All The Bounty Hunters In Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

Cal Kestis is always on the run from different people in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, whether it’s the Raiders or the Empire. During the primary story, Cal is also sometimes chased by a third group called the Bounty Hunters.

Bounty Hunters are like Rumor’s in that they are an extra goal that Cal can do to earn prizes, items, and improvements that will help him on his trip through the space.

When Cal goes to Koboh for the second time to find out more about Tanalorr as well as Dagan Gera, he is attacked by Korej Lim, a Bounty Hunter. You can find Korej and fifteen other bounty hunters within Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Some are easier to find than others, though.

letting the Jedi bounty hunters coming after you, you can turn the tables by going after them first and getting paid for it. If you find and beat all of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bounty Hunters, you can get the Caij Match title and a hidden character at the end.

I didn’t fight these enemies during the game. Instead, I did this shortly after the credits rolled. This seemed like an ideal moment in Jedi: Survivor to find the bounty hunters to obtain Bounty Pucks.

Even though I didn’t get the benefits from Caij, I thought Cal Kestis was an improved approach to tie this into the primary narrative. You can see how far you’ve come by looking at the prize part of your collection.

If you don’t talk to Caij or run into these Bounty Hunters whereas investigating Jedi┬áSurvivor, the Bounty Hunter slots remain empty. These figures can show above Koboh, the Shattered Moon, Coruscant, as well as Jedha.

Where Every Bounty Hunter Is:

These are the places within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor where you will discover all 16 Bounty Hunters. When you beat a named Bounty Hunter, you get a Bounty Puck, which you can turn in at Caij’s shop in Pyloon’s Saloon.

When Cal beats Korej Lim, Caij Vanda will appear up and tell him that there are many reward Hunters in the space who want to take his reward.

She will then tell Cal that if he beats these bounty hunters, he will get Bounty Pucks. These are special things that can be traded at her shop within Pyloon’s Saloon for Blaster upgrades and cosmetic upgrades.

Players won’t be ready to take on all of these reward hunts until they’ve unlocked all of the ways to get to all of the game’s places. As the game goes on, Cal will get new skills.

Some of these skills are needed to open up the places where a few the bounty seekers will strike. Since this is the case, it’s best to finish the primary narrative before trying to find and beat all of the reward hunters.

Most bounty hunters are able to found in new, unreachable areas, but a few will show up in places Cal has already been. This implies that Cal can run into a Bounty Hunter nearly anyplace throughout the galaxy while he’s travelling.

Within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the Bounty Hunters will attack Cal if he goes into the area where they are waiting.

It can be surprising to get attacked by one, especially since their first attack can come out of nowhere, so players may want to use the Meditation Points they come across while wandering to make sure they are always ready to fight one.

List Of Every Single Bounty Hunters Name And Location:

Bounties Location
Corde the Half and PR-85T the Other Half Found at the top of the Halls of Ranvell on Jedha.
Fenn Finau, KLE-O, and Masi Finau Found in the Hangar Bay on Nova Garon by traveling through the door to the left after exiting the Mantis, taking the elevator down, squeezing through the opening in the wall, and entering the hallway after the next room.
Gatt Medo Found in the Freight Handling Depot on Coruscant, just after the Undercity Meats.
Jo The Cannibal Found by fast-traveling to the Lucrehulk Core on Koboh, turning left, and proceeding through the Yurt Barracks.
Kili Oso Found in the Sanctuary Temple on Jedha by climbing down into the circular room just after the Meditation Point.
Kip Ostar Found on Koboh. From the Derelict Dam Meditation Point, Cal must hug the wall on the left and circle into the tunnel with the Roller Mine spawner.
Korej Lim Found in the Devastated Settlement on Koboh and is fought as part of the main quest.
Mash Found by using the elevator next to the Mantis on the Shattered Moon and following the path ahead into the Automated Forge.
Meyen Corr Found wandering outside the cavern at the Boiling Bluff on Koboh.
Selfin Jook Found by fast-traveling to the Observatory Understructure on Koboh and jumping to the central platform with the Ascension Cable.
Vaslyn Martz Found by fast-traveling to the Fogged Expanse on Koboh, turning left, and following the linear path down the hill.
Raz Found by fast-traveling to the Forest Array on Koboh and using the zipline just left of the Meditation Point.
Yuhong Found by traveling from the Desert Ridge Meditation Point to the Path of Restoration on Jedha.

Kili Oso is different from the other 14 bounty hunters in that he doesn’t appear until all of the others have been killed, as well as Jo the Cannibal doesn’t appear until Kili Oso is already killed.

Once all of these Bounty Hunters are found and killed, Cal can quickly return to the Devastated Settlement upon Koboh and go back to where he first encountered Caij Vanda to start fighting the last Bounty Hunter in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.


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