How To Farm Plastids in Warframe

How To Farm Plastids in War-frame:

Plastids are one of the many things you need in War-frame to make Frames and weapons. Plastids are a rare resource that are needed to make a lot of gear. Both new and old players will need Plastids to do this.

Learning how to gather Plastids would then help you stay ahead of the money you’ll need to spend on crafting to build an arsenal. This guide will show you how to get Plastids the best way in War-frame.

Plastids are clumps of tissue that are full of nanites. They are very rare in the game. Plastics are needed to make weapons and parts, even though the description sounds gross.

Plastids Can Be Found:

On Saturn, Uranus, Phobos, Pluto, as well as Eris, you can farm Plastids. Players who are just starting out can go to any node on any of these planets and get them by killing enemies, breaking crates, and opening lockers. Pilfering Strangle-dome with Khora or Desecrate with Nekros are the best ways to farm this rare resource.

How To Make A Plastid Farm:

In War-frame, there are two main ways to gather Plastids. The first option is to play Survival missions in the Stickney node on Phobos, the Palus node on Pluto, as well as the Piscinas node on Saturn. These nodes are easier to get to. Nekros and his Desecrate talent will be the War-frame and skill to focus on for this farm.

With Desecrate, enemies will be able to drop more than one item from their loot table when they are killed. When combined with the high number of enemies in Survival missions, this ability is a great way to get Plastids and a lot of other resources as well as experience.

We think that you should use Flow and Streamline to build Nekros. This will let you cast Desecrate and greatly cut the amount of energy you need to keep this group-wide buff going. Find a dead-end hallway when the mission starts and get prepared to defend the room with everything you have.

We suggest using Ginis’ flamethrower, since enemies that have been infected are weak against fire. After you’ve gotten as many resources as you can, finish the mission before you fail the objective and lose all the Plastids you just worked so hard to get.

If you want to farm in a less stressful way, go to the infested open world called Deimos. Keep an eye out for orange canisters that are spread out across the land in the Cambion Drift environment.

There’s a good chance that these containers will drop a lot of Plastids at once, and since they’re everywhere, it’s easy to break them and get their stuff. In the picture below, you can see what a container with a Rolizer Infested Cyst looks like.

The Fastest Way To Get Stickers:

If you want to get a lot of Plastids quickly, you can buy a Resource Booster in the Market for Platinum. This will double the number of Plastids you get from make pickup for a certain amount of time.

Best Places To Grow Plastids:

Uranus (Assur):

You can get more than just Plastids here, like Gallium, Detonite Ampule, and Polymer Bundle.

Even though you’re fighting against the infested, the enemies aren’t too hard, so most players won’t have any trouble. Uranus gives you a 25% higher chance to drop, which is more than most other planets.

Eris (Zabala):

When you combine the 30% increase in drop rate with war-frames made for farming, it makes a big difference. But some players might find that the enemy levels are too high, which can slow down your farming. Since enemies are infected, this is a great place to farm Plastids late in the game.

Eris (Akkad):

This is one of the places in the game where you can farm legacy items, and it’s worth it if you’d rather do a defence mission than a survival one. There is a good chance of getting Plastids, and teams can get a lot of them by farming in multiple rotations. Farming war-frame abilities like Khora or Hydroid isn’t hard to set up.

Saturn (Piscinas):

Plastids can be grown in a good place on Saturn called Piscinas. The enemies are low level, and you already have a lot of tools. At Piscinas, there is a Dark Sector bonus that makes it 20% more likely for items to drop. This is good enough for farming on the side. You can camp in a number of places on the map, where enemies are easy to kill.

In The Game War-frame, What Are Plastids?

Plastids are a strange material that are used to make a lot of things in War-frame. It was one of the first resources added to the game when it was updated in October 2012. Now, Plastids are used in Helminth Secretions as well as to make many items. In fact, every third war-frame or weapon needs a certain number of Plastids to make.


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