How To Cure Gloom In Kingdom Tears

How To Cure Gloom In Kingdom Tears:

In Zelda: TOTK, you will find the sadness once you go into the depths. You loose heart or health if you came into touch with sadness, which is like evil in that way.

If you don’t look for a treatment or protection that can protect you from gloom, the effect will continue to taking hearts away from you. You have to discover the Depths defense set if you want to protect yourself from gloom.

But if you haven’t unlocked Poe’s figures yet, it can take a long time to find this gear. Don’t worry; check out our guide to learn how to obtain the Gloom-Resistant Armor within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Gloom is one of the most dangerous things you’ll face.

When you first start playing the game, you’ll find it in a few of the early areas. You’ll also find it in later areas, mostly within the Depths region below Hyrule.

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Gloom is a new state that makes Link lose some of his full strength. Find out how to get rid of gloom, fix broken hearts, avoid its affects, and keep from getting hurt by it.

When gloom-based enemies hit you, your highest possible health goes down and your heart tanks turn grey for a short time.

There are several ways to get out of a bad mood, and some of them are easier than others. This guide tells you how to get rid of gloom within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and what you can do about it.

The good thing is that being sad doesn’t have to stay with you forever. There is a method to get rid of sadness, and it’s easy once you know where and how to find the things you need.

What Is Gloom’s Purpose?

In Tears of the Kingdom, you can tell you’ve been hurt by gloom when your heart containers are partly greyed out. These containers won’t be black, but grey,

and it looks like they’re broken in half. This can happen if you’ve been fighting enemies that are affected by gloom or if you’ve been in gloom for a prolonged period while investigating the depths.

How To Get Over Sadness:

When you’re feeling down, there are two things you can do to feel better. The first and easiest way is to go back up to the top. Whenever you go back to Sky Island or the Surface area. These will burn away the darkness that hurt you right away, filling your health tanks.

But it doesn’t help you get better. You will need to use food or something else you can consume from your collection to heal yourself.

In Tears of the Kingdom, you can also use the sundew to cook food. You can find this item while visiting many of the sky islands you come across. If you plan to search through the depths often, these will be very useful.

In Tears of the Kingdom, the sundelion acts just like other foods and supplies. If you put them in your meals and cook them, they will make you feel better.

You may do this while still searching the depths, so if you are going to explore this area a lot, it’s a good idea to have a few things cooked with onions.

These are the best two ways to get out of a bad mood while exploring the depths. Tears of the Kingdom was a dangerous place, so it’s important to know how to get rid of this status effect.

How To Avoid Damage From Gloom:

Wearing gear that protects against Gloom gives you extra hearts that are going to be hurt by Gloom before your real health. This gives you more safety when you’re looking for treasure in the depths or fighting dark enemies.

Effects Of Gloom:

When Link gets influenced by gloom, it takes away some of his full strength, which is shown by the broken hearts. This makes it more likely that Link will die within a couple of hits from an enemy attack or something in the surroundings.

Since Link’s trip involves going to places where evil has taken over, be certain to stock up on meals that use sundews as one of the components to heal health.

Where In Tears Of The Kingdom To Find Dandelion Flowers:

I think you should collect dandelion seeds whenever you go to the Sky Islands. So, if Gloom hits again during your game, you’ll always have some ready to go. You’d be surprised how often you’ll wish you enjoyed them, so don’t be afraid to grab a lot.


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