How to compress video to reduce size and weight

More and more content downloaded from the web has a minimum HD definition, even up to 4K. If this makes it possible to have good quality images on television screens, it is also to the detriment of the storage space of our devices. To find the right compromise, here’s how to compress videos to reduce their size without compromising image quality.

Compress video

Smartphones, GoPro and digital cameras take very high definition videos. This is the kind of data that quickly ends up filling the storage space of our devices. Not to mention the movies and series that download in HD, Full HD or 4k. Do you want to keep them while reducing their weight? We will see how compress video.

How to compress a video?

Most video converter software allows you to compress video by transcoding it with a different codec. Whether you have a video in .mp4, .avi or .mkv, its codec (video or audio) is one of the factors that will have a big impact on its final weight. Some codecs weigh less than others with equivalent definition.

The most popular codec for compressing video is x264 which can be used for MP4, MKV, or even AVI storytellers. When it comes to audio, you can just as easily choose MP3, AAC or A3C. The other option to reduce the size of a video is its definition. Depending on the playback medium, compress the video by reducing frame length and width saves you space. To summarize, the compression will be done on two elements:

  • The codec (video and audio)
  • The definition of video and the birate.

For less seasoned users who don’t want to worry too much, there are converter apps with pre-set settings to easily compress videos to desired results. Whether you are on Windows 10 or Mac, you can use Movavi Video Converter app.

The app is free and has dozens of presets to compress your videos optimally without losing quality. You can also choose the setting according to the type of device on which you want to play the video (smartphone, tablet, PC, TV).

The stages of compression

There you go, it’s that simple. Now you can compress your videos to reduce their size without confusing yourself with the settings if you don’t know much about it. The more seasoned can just as well refine the settings for a result that suits them more.


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