How To Change The Themes On Furniture In Disney Dreamlight Valley

How To Change The Themes On Furniture In Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Fans have asked a lot of questions, which the authors have thankfully answered. At the beginning of Early Access, you could only change how clothes looked. Now, people can go into maker mode and change how furniture looks.

In the “Remembering Update” for Disney Dreamlight Valley, players get to choose from a lot of novel and intriguing methods to decorate their house as well as the rest of the valley.

The ability to use patterns to change the look of furniture is an important improvement to the update. This lets players make unique designs that fit their tastes.

This makes patterns much more valuable than they were before, when they were only used on clothes.

Many players were upset that they couldn’t do much with these designs, which made them less-than-desirable prizes when they were given out at Star Path events.

Disney Dreamlight Valley was a game that always wants players to show who they are and what they like. In the fifth update to the game, they put a feature that lets players change how closets, beds, tables, and other pieces of furniture look.

Not only can you choose the colors and patterns, but you can also add Motifs. This guide will show how to change those pieces of furniture so that player homes look even better than before.

How To Make Furniture Unique:

Disney Dreamlight Valley has 12 things that can be changed right now, but this number may vary as the application gets updated. Start by going to the making table and clicking on the tab for furniture.

The list will display the things that can be changed. They will look white until they get adorned later. Click on a piece of furniture, make sure you have all the things you need to make it, and then craft it.

Once the person has made the item, they can put it in their house. From there, a message will appear asking if the player wants to use the Touch of Magic Tool to change the item.

Players will be able to choose the colors and add fun Motifs to their drawings. Players can make some truly interesting items for their houses if they use their imaginations.

If you make a design and want to save it, just back out of the Touch of Magic Tool editor. The item will be stored to the customization item list. From there, players may select it and put it anywhere in their home they want. It will work the same way as every other piece of furniture in the game.

The new thing can be used whenever a player wants to, and they can create as many items as they desire. This gives people in the valley even more ways to change the way things look than before. That’s everything you need to know about how to use the Touch of Magic Tool within Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Basic Armchair 10x Hardwood, 10x Fiber
Basic Beach Chair 10x Softwood, 10x Fiber, 10x Sand
Basic Double Bed 20x Hardwood, 5x Fabric
Basic Desk 20x Hardwood
Basic Chair 5x Softwood
Basic Dresser 25x Softwood
Basic Fridge 10x Iron Ingot, 10x Snowball
Basic Large Table 15x Softwood
Basic Parasol and Towel 10x Fiber, 10x Sand
Basic Picnic Table 10x Softwood, 20x Hardwood
Basic Wardrobe 30x Softwood
Basic Side Table 10x Softwood

How To Change The Colour, Pattern, As Well As Texture Of Furniture:

For instance, when customising a basic bed, the mattress as well as bed frame may have completely different colours as well as designs. The player can also change the graphics that are used for their designs.

Every component of basic furniture may have a Metal pattern added, as well as the glossiness of the finish can be changed with a tool. This lets players make unique furniture that shines within the light, like a metal locker as well as silk sheets, by making it look like its finish.

How To Use Motifs To Personalise Furniture:

Motifs can be put on any basic piece of furniture and can be changed the same way they can be changed on clothes. On just one item of furniture, the player can put up to 50 themes, every one on its own layer.

You can change the sequence of the levels by choosing one, holding down the choice button, and dragging it to where you want it in the levels menu. This makes it easy to move shapes above or below others to make creative patterns.

How To Make A Plan For Furniture:

You must make blank furniture on a making table, similar to how you would buy blank clothes at Scrooge’s store. If you go to any making table and click on the Furniture tab, you’ll see a bunch of white furniture.

Most of the time, you will require stacks of hard and soft wood. Softwood is the least common kind of wood, and you can find it in all biomes.

The only places you can’t find Hardwood are Dazzle Beach, the Plaza, as well as Peaceful Meadow. Compared to the brown colour of standard Softwood, it will have a light maroon colour.

The Basic Lamp is the only recipe that needs a third type of wood. In the Forgotten Lands, Frosted Heights, as well as Sunlit Plateau, Dry Wood can be found as white sticks.


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